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"A Poem for Zorro"

by Mary Nelson

On a dark and moonlit night
El Zorro rode to right a wrong.
With a "Hey, Seņor" and a smile so bright
The swords started flashing like a song.

When all the sword play settled down,
The man in black was still smiling bright.
As he rode his stallion through the town,
Everyone was applauding his sword fight.

As he entered his secret cave,
He patted his stallion on the rump,
Telling him he had been so brave
To make that terrifing jump.

The next day when he rode into town
To hear the latest news around,
He saw Sgt. Garcia, who said with a frown
"El Zorro got away safe and sound."

He mounted his horse with a smile,
Knowing what had taken place last night,
He enjoyed his rebel style;
Because he turned a wrong into a right.

Table of Contents