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'Empty Spaces"

by Danielle Konings


The sounds of construction where seeping through in the comfortable and well-oppointed office of the Empty Space Theatre. The manager Ibrahim Cortez, a well-built sophisticated man with chestnut brown hair developing a bold patch, was sitting behind one of the two desks reading the morning mail.

I wish I knew where I could find a new director, sighed Don Ibrahim while he put down the letter he had just been reading. "It seems that all the directors we wrote are engaged in other productions. All their anwers are negative. If I don’t find someone soon, there will be no opening and certainly no opening production." muttered Don Ibrahim. "Although I prefer someone else to do the directing, it seems that there’s no other option than to do it myself," said Don Ibrahim out loud with a disappointed tone in his voice.

Slowly he rose from his chair and took off his half-moon shaped classes. He turned to the window on his right hand side holding his glasses in his hand. All those negative answers had dampened his spirits. Finally a dream had come true, his own theatre and now he could not find someone to direct the opening production!

From a certain distance Don Ibrahim saw his wife Esperanza approaching the theatre. Esperanza was slim; she had raven black hair and clear, blue eyes. She had left the office over an hour ago to run some errands. A few minutes later Esperanza entered the office carrying some parcels. After she put the parcels on the floor she took of her hat and coat. With a little sigh she sat down behind her desk.

“Sorry; it took a little longer than I thought, dear,” said Esperanza.

“Hello dear,” said Don Ibrahim absent-minded and still looking out of the window.

“Ibrahim, dear, I have wonderful news. I think I have found a sollution to our problem,”said Esperanza. Don Ibrahim did not hear what Esperanza just said. “Are you listing?” asked Esperanza.

“Did you say something, dear?“ responded Don Ibrahim turning away from the window facing Esperanza.

“I said”, repeated Esperanza, “that I have some wonderful news. I think I have found a sollution for our problem.”

“What!” responded Don Ibrahim, surprised and amazed, “Esperanza, that would be wonderful! I have been pondering this all morning,and you found a solution!" Tell me all about it.” Don Ibrahim resumed his seat. His mood had now definitely turned around like a leaf on a tree.

“Wow, hold your horses dear,” responded Esperanza laughing. “Just when I had finished shopping and was on my way back here,I ran into Don Alfredo Mirabal. He invited me to have coffee in the tavern. Because it had been such a long time ago that I last spoke to Alfredo,I accepted his kind invitation. To cut a long story shorter, I happened to mention the problem;we have to find a new director. Don Alfredo snaped his fingers and told to me we should ask Diego de la Vega to direct our play. "Diego de la Vega?" I asked him. Don Alfredo continued telling me that he has studied at the same university as Diego. He told me that during his last term, the university theatre group had put up a poster, because they needed someone to direct their annual play.” Diego, who had just finished his first term, volenteerd. He also told me that Diego had to take over the lead, because the actor who orignally had the leading role broke his leg,and Diego could not find a suitable replacement on such short notice. Alfredo was very enthusiastic about the job Diego has done.”

“That sounds like a great idea Esperanza,” responded Don Ibrahim.

“We can ask Diego tomorrow when we have lunch with the De la Vega’s,” exclaimed both Esperanza and Don Ibrahim full of enthusiasm at the same moment.

Table of Contents
Chapter Two