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We're still busy locating pictures to upload to the site, but here's a few you might like!

Meet the Members of GALO

Welcome to Gayville!
Well GALO went on its first field trip, all the way to Vermillion, South Dakota for the University of South Dakota's (USD) Prairie Pride 2002! The group made a trip out to neighboring town Gayville, South Dakota, to take this inspiring picture.
The group consisted of college students or recent college graduated from the Midwest area.

(Bottom of picture to top)Chriss Mountain, Kelli Lubeley, Lora Odell and me, Shelby Thompson (not pictured), made the journey to represent GALO (as well as other Omaha organizations)at the small GLBT conference.

Speakers gave presentations from advertising to acceptance, religion to oppression and included such mediums as music, slide shows and theatrical expression. Even with all the education and information, we still found time to go out and enjoy the night life, limited as it may have been. Here Chriss sings karaoke at a mixer following registration and the first presenter.

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