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My ghetto ass page

<b>My page</b>

Hey everyone!!! This is a page I created about me and some of my friends, interests and stuff like that. My name is Alicia.I go to Santa Teresa High School in San Jose Cali (c/o 2004!) Im 15, 5' short" (or sumthing like that)Dark brown hair and hazel eyes that change colors all the frikin time which ok I guess. Amy Reid is the other name I go by (its also my Pen name). If u have any questions or comments, e-mail me


I wanna say hi to all my friends at ST& OG and Indie but Im not smart enough to remember u all!!! I can name a few.....Ellis,Ismael, Nocole, Michele, Maygan, and hmm..Logan, and, um, Erik, and....Stefanie H., um I dunno I guess thats a few.


Bored?(I know I Am) Go to the Poetry or Random stuff pages
If you have any random thoughts of your own,or you just want to say wassup, you can say it here

Again I say that if u have any questions or comments dont hesitate to e-mail me. You can also check out my LiveJournal

|J|e|f|f| |H|a|r|d|y|
My anti-drug
What's yours?

I m respect other people's sexuality, because Im straight, but Im not narrow