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A Work of Heart

In this world we have but one chance to be all we dream. Creation is not as difficult as it may seem. You can create from anywhere and feel the elation of joy. We each have a unique gift to offer a creation of our own. The excitement is in seeking, discover and uncovering a part of us we never would have shown. Believe in others and you can believe in yourself. Search for the answer in your own wisdom and there you will find honest help. Regardless if you always thought I can never do this or be like that. I am too skinny, too ugly, and clumsy or just too fat. The truth is we have seen it all in the media today. A different type has shown thier light each wearing unique hats. They overcame thierselves too and that I know is a fact. The only difference between you and them is not they are any better or more likely to achieve. The only difference between you and them is in spite of what others say, diligently in self they tried to just believe. Because of this there were the times in which they could succeed. "All things are possible if in spite of others and ourself we continue to believe". Gigi

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