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              Born on December 2, 1981 a star was born. Even as a child Britney was gorgous. She was always looked at and adored. She first started dancing around when she was two years old. Even then her parents believed in her so much that her mother, Lynn, drove two hours each day just so Britney could be in a gymnastics class. Britney loved gymnastics. Her favorite part about it was the floor exercise and the uneven bars. It didnt take long for her to find that all the other girls were stronger then her. Also, the moves didnt come as easy to her. She decided to give up gymnastics and work on dancing instead. Spears performed at her first talent show at age six. By age nine, she was involved in several dance competitons. She also was involved in several beauty pagents taking home several medals.
The Mickey Mouse Club was Britney's first real taste of fame. Unfortunatly she wasn't allowed on the show because of her age. Although, the producer of the show set her up with an agent. Finally, Britney auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club again, only this time, she got the job! Unfortunatly, two years later the show was cancelled leaving Britney to live the life a normal kid. She couldn't stand not being in the spotlight anymore, so she made her own demo tape and sent it to Rudolph, the man that helped her get somewhere in the first place. He really liked the tape so he sent it to Jive Records. Jive Records wanted to see her audition in person. She sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston. They loved her and immeditely gave her a contract.
In late December, 1988, Jive released Britney's first singe, "Baby One More Time." By January it was a number one hit. Shortly after, her album debuted at number one. Since then she's realsed two albums, "Oops I Did it Again" and "Britney."

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