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Band Bio






            John                       Dave                        Tom                           Tony


The band was started in March 2002 and, after over a year perfecting their first sounds, The Plantations played their first gig, The High Society in Staines. As their gigging regularity increased so did their reputation in the Underground London scene and, after their third gig at Sound in Leicester Square, the band decided they needed a guitarist to develop the sound and move them onto the next level. After holding open auditions they found their man and the rest is history.

Since the start of 2004, The Heal have played most of the top London venues including Sound, The Dublin Castle, The Half-moon, The Brixton Telegraph, The Peel, West One Four and more recently The Carling Islington Academy constantly improving their sound and their reputation as one of the most hard working, hard playing bands around with frantic live performances and energy to burn. As further rewards for their efforts the band landed themselves a place on the bill The Nancy Jazz Pulsationís Festival, in France. The reception was overwhelming with the band being asked back on to perform an encore, which in turn sent the already packed venue into bursting point, leaving the boys autographing pretty much anything and everything that the crowd handed them!

With momentum behind them, a strong fan base supporting them and the musical talent mixed with the raw energy that only true performers possess The Plantations continue to improve. Churning out catchy tune after catchy tune, blending melodic guitar riffs with punchy bass lines, ear shattering drum fills and compelling lyrics authoritatively delivered with piercing vocals that stay with you long after the venue has empty and the CD has finished.

We give you The Plantations. . . . . .