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Parris I Love You Unconditionaly!


Roses, exquisitely fragrant:
                                    Overpowering me in the garden of love
                                    Their secret delight,
                                    delightful spinning in aromatic
                                    pleasure breathing in deeply
                                    of their complexity their scent of pleasure,
                                    dreams of paradise dazzling, glistening
                                    exotic petals in sunbeam days
                                    The pleasure everlasting
                                    in my mind of those roses
                                    Fragrant roses to soothe my soul
                                    Fragrance to delight my senses
                                    Fragrant roses of love



I reach for you, call to you
                                    As the darkness wraps it's charcoal coat
                                    Silently around the sleeping streets
                                    To bid you goodnight, sweet dreams
                                    The soft padding of tom cat's feet
                                    The sickle shaped moon
                                    The stars cast like brilliant diamonds
                                    Upon an indigo sky
                                    The rush of bat's wings
                                    Children's laughter rising like fairies
                                    Into the night
                                    These things flood my heart
                                    With thoughts of you
                                    Alluring, sensual, deep and joyful
                                    As the night's magic
                                    Into the night there comes brightness
                                    Loves luminosity shines in my core
                                    Love's brightness is you
                                    Even today as I watched you part from me
                                    I longed for that kiss, those eyes that I adore
                                    Your lips
                                    Remain tonight 
                                    Passionately pressed onto my soul



Loves Sweet Kiss!


Hugs warm embrace!


Words can't describe how I feel about you!