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About Brandy And Parris


What a wonderful time i have had with you this year. Im glad that our love continues to grow. I hope that our destinies are similary and our goals are achieved.


As i sit at night and think about you, i wonder what your heart speaks about. I wish that i could hear the slightest whisper of you prayers. So that i would know you hearts every desire. I love who you are and i love what you can become.



All the fun we have and all the laughs we share are more what i could ever ask for. I love to joke around with you and have fun and play games. Just the simple things make my days even better.


Yeh! I got a lil hood in me. I aint gone have no mess and i aint gone have no female all up on you. Ima keep it real with you. I love you and i aint gone let nobody take you away from me.



I love it when you show me off to yo friends like in tight or something. I makes me feel good. You make me feel like i am the only one for you and i love that.



Just to let you know im not ya average chick. Im not black as you would say but im a lil bit diffrent. So remember i been doing things diffrent from you for a long time but im willing to learn a lil something from you.