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About Brandy
Take a look and see what's inside!

I truly know what i means when everyone says never say never!
This Is about Brandy
I made this website for Parris because i thought he would like it and i thought you would to.  Me and Parris have been together since January 13, 2005. We are both 17 and we are both Seniors in high school.
As the beauty of flowers
fade with the passing of every day,
so shall ones life
fade swiftly away.
Just as the laughter
often brings with it tears,
so must the end
as the laughter disappears.
If I could make a wish
at the way I wished to die,
it'd be in your loving arms
looking into those beautiful eyes.
I'd drift into that special place
with blooming flowers always there,
thanking God for his love
and the lasting warmth of your stare.
I crave the sound of your tender voice
to make the world seem right,
the glass always seems half full
as we hold each other tight.
The miles are somewhat a hindrance
to two hearts that crave to feel,
but my sweet love there's God above
that'll help our hearts to deal.
When shadows fall upon your soul
and the world seems so unkind,
clasp your hands, and talk to who understands,
and some relief, my love you'll find.






I hope that one day me and you will be able to go on a vacation that will last forever, just me and you. Innertwined in our love and not a care on the world. I think i will call this place paradise for me and you.