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Ethical standards

How are we meeting ethical standards? Our ethical standards are: we give back to the community, protect the environment, we treat our customers with respect and help them in any way, and we meet the staff needs. The following information will help you to understand a better view on how our ethical standards are met.

>1.)How will we give back to the community?

To give back to the community we have decided to go ever 2nd months in a year to a shelter home and sow everyone’s cloths. They reason why is so they won’t have any rips or wholes in it. This would help out a lot because we are keeping the homeless warm and making them look and feel clean because there cloths are not looking worn out. This will help our company to get more recognized for giving back to the community.

>2.)What will we do to protect the environment?

Our company is a big part of helping the environment. We collect any type of garbage or used supplies that look unique and we simply stitch it on to any type of clothing that our costumers give to use. This helps the environment because we reuse things that people through in the garbage and this lessons the amount junk people threw away. Junk is not the only thing we use but it is one of the very important things we need in our business.