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Shit I would take to a deserted island.

Websites to check out, also what I very much beleive in.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation
American Humane Association
Healthy, Beautiful Hair
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Thanks for visiting my page, check back for more shit when you have time. Below is a picture of Venice, Italy. Check out my shit below that, also. img

Video provided by VideoCodes4U My favorites: Color~ Lavender. Food~ Anything Italian. Hair products~ Biolage and Pantene Pro-V brands. Names~ Boy~ Carmine Anthony; Girl~ Adrina Marie. Scents~ Vanilla & Sun~Ripened Raspberry. Fragrances~ Miami Glow by J.lo & Sicily by Dolce&Gabbana. Hair Salon~ Caruso's(My ancestor is Enrico Caruso, actually my great great great Grandpapa), and my hair dresser(does amazing work)works there. Country~ Italy. Magazines~ Star & Cosmopolitan(mainly for the fragrance sample scents and some of the shit in there is okay, but I'm not one of those preppy "I always need makeup and my hair done or I'll die" type of bitches). Flowers~ Mainly Roses(my most favorite) & Calla Lilies. I can't think of any more favorites, but when I do, I'll update. My history: My great great great Grandpapa(well, my ancestor)is Enrico Caruso, the world known Italian opera singer. I don't know too much about him(I am gonna search him, though and find out), but I know that some shit happened in Naples, Italy and he vowed never to sing in Naples again and he never did. Also, what I know is that Dominic "Mickey" Perino is my great Grandpapa, for those of you who don't know, he played for the Green Bay Packers. I don't know too much about him, either, I never met him, my momma did, though when she was young and said he was really nice & shit. That's basically all I know about my history, when I find out more, if I do, I'll update. ~Ciao.