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x.Hi, I'm Rachel.
x.I like animals
x.I live in a tiny little town in New Jersey.
x.I have a myspace
x.I say these things way too much, "Uh oh, Billy, I don't know but, maybe maybe not, how's life?, homedawg/homeslice, that's gay, bueno"
x.I like photography, digital art, and computers
x.I own a horse, two dogs and two cats
x.Sally and I are sisters...not really, but we pretend
x. I use the word whore a lot.
x. I do my own HTML.

"Living Each Day Like You're Dead" by Atreyu

note to self: i miss you terribly
this is what we call a tradgedy

I should really put more stuff in here...


*happy things
*hanging out with my best friends Sally and Vanessa
*horse back riding
*cute animals
*money(what can I say? I'm Jewish)
*having fun and being dumb
*listening to music
*immature people
*being outside
*shopping(what girl doesn't like to shop?)
*reggaeton [don't know what that is? good]
*playing video games
*my computer
*Nalanda ^_^
*Brazilian people
*people w/accents lol
*watching TV and movies and being lazy


*mean people
*people from my town
*taking orders
*people who are uptight
*moossashalooses(best if you don't ask)
*when my computer is broken
*when I'm broke
*when people get offended when i use the word 'gay' as in, "oh that's gay"
*people who don't admit that they judge people and then goon to complain about how they are wrongly judged...everyone does it, it's just something you do...
*morbid people..sometimes...only sometimes
*when I'm sick(I seem to have been getting sick a lot this summer)
*saying goodbye(to people I care about...you know what I mean)

ear candy
I like rap, get over it <3

*Trick Daddy
*Lil J
*Basement Jaxx
*From First To Last
*Red Hot Chilli Peppers
*The Faint
*The White Stripes
*Shabba Banks
*Juelz Santana
*the Diplomats
*Big Logic
*Hot Hot Heat
*Mobb Deep
*Memphis Bleek
*A whole bunch of Techno
*Don Chezina
*Ivy Queen
*Vico C
*La Factoria
*the Postal Service
*Styles P
*Sheek Louch
*the ying yang twins
*Busta Rhymes
*Toni Braxton
*Missy Elliot
*Foxxy brown
*Free Drink
*Destiny's Child (some)
*Alicia Keys
*Paula Cole
*Fiona Apple
*Hank Williams (lol)
*Alan Jackson (yes and if you make fun of me for liking a few country songs...I'll shoot you!)
*Jack Johnson
*Hall and Oates
*Geez, I listen to a lot of crap!...that took a while to list and there's more so I give up.

Sally is Love

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