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My name is Shalonda, I live in Pensacola fl. I have 1 sister who lives in ft lauderdale. I still live with my mom, but i am looking for a place in the atlanta, ga area. I attend a junior college majoring in computer programming, which i will be done with in dec. I am inspiring to be an actress so until that happens i will spend my time designing web pages. For now I work at a cable company, that is until i move. To let you know a few more things about me. Im 24, I like to surf the web, hang out with my friends and family, and mainly just watch some tv. Hopefully one day everyone will be able to see me on the big screen or even the little screen. Ha Ha Ha. Well if at anytime anyone will like me to do their webpage please contact me by email. i will be happy to assist you! Take Care and God Bless!!