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Whats tha deal people. I hope yall like what i did with tha place. i jus figured it was time for a change. I wanted to "dubb" things up a bit, you know, add some of thatWorld Wide style. I have added a lot of new stuff to my page. The main things that i am happy about is the music that I am playing . These are some exclusive Supreme Records tracks from our mixtapes. If you wanna buy these tracks well u have to wait. Its not available in any store. You can only get these mixtapes in tha streets. Also I added some new pics of me and my partner in rhyme XVI (16). We were serious threats to tha rap game as solo artists and now that we are together we are about to grab hip hop by tha neck and take whatever we want from it. Oh I almost forgot, be on the lookout for You will be able to get our music there and see all of the artists on tha label. Well thats all the news for now. Check back later for more updates.





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