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08.19.03 Moved! If your looking for us, we have moved to

08.13.03 New Domain Coming We have the host already set up, domain plans in order, we just need a name for the site. Be easy. We're coming!

07.30.03 Moving Soon We are planning the move shortly, The site is not exicting right now, because of the work we are putting in to move to another or new domain, but stay tuned, because we're coming!

07.23.2003 IDEA! All the names currently just have our black planet page. We have decided not to add anything else until we move to our new domain.

07.22.2003 Trip to Studio Working and Finishing the album (yea, still) Album pics coming soon. We gotta bring the heat. So thats why it is taking so long.

07.2003 Official opening of the fab fam's new non-community site! Yeah, we finally got it up and running. Moves to domains are in the near future. Stay posted world! Its not a game