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Guild News

Wutcha all ^ 2 lately?? Pplz how wuz ure easter??? mother's day??? victoria days??? Hope they were all good! Mine were. The guild has had no major updates lately except now we are in our father's day layout! I am really hyper as u can probably tell. a littl 2 much suga 2day i would say! LOL :D

Join the Neopian Teens Mailing List. All you have to do is send an email to gummi_bearz75 with the subject I want to be on your list and a note inside explaining what your username is and your age. Then every once in a while we will send you important updates and holiday greetings! Well I really got to have dinner So I will to you all later. Have a great day! More l8ter! Add me to your msn Ciao!

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When god made me he was just showing off

--Love is when u cant pay attention in class--
--cuz u foreva writin ur first name wit his last--

REMINDER: hating me won't make you pretty!


ATtItUdE OuT Of CoNtRoL!!!!!!

I N V U 4 U R A Q T

We've been through so much, more than ne 1 can see...
friends forever we will be...
since we were little we'd be scrappen r knees...
now we be scrappen r hearts playa pleaz...
i know we've had so many rough times...
but we can't forget about the funny times...
stealen the truck getten drunk with boys...
when we get our carz we'll be pumpin some noise...
when we grow up we can't forget each other...
i love you like a sister or maybe a brother...
but i hope we don't grow apart from each other...
cuz your the best friend unlike no other!!!

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    Guild Rules

    • No bad language or saying anything rude or mean to other members.
    • Be Active!!
    • Have Fun!
    • Do not post the same message twice in one day!
    • Do not ask to be on the guild council. (We will choose you!)