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Welcome to my Web site!

A Few Details:

What's up...If you don't know me this web site will give you just a few details about me, my life, my family, and my friends.  Are you ready to enter the life of LaTasha? I don't think so, but once you leave this site, you will understand me a little better.  Once again thanks for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy.

Here's your chance to learn everything you want to know About Me! 


  ~~Determined, Sophisticated, Intellectual, Young Lady~~



Personal Information:

      Name: LaTasha

      Age: 19

      Hometown: Dinwiddie, VA

      Current Location: Harrisonburg, VA @ James Madison University

Family: Where would I be without my wonderful, loving family.  They have been their since day one giving in me the support and encouragement I needed.  Although we may not always agree on certain issues, we still love and care about each other.  I love you all so much.--Much love to my mom and step-dad, grandmother and grandfather, and my siblings: Renita, Eric, and Dominique!!

My Baby, Carlton: Carlton Lamont Harris I love you so much. We have been through so much in just a short amount of time.  Because of you, I believe in love at first sight.  You mean the world to me baby.  Thanks for loving and caring about me as much as I love you.  I love you always!!

Friends: Dedicated to the most wonderful friends in the entire world--Shout Outs to: Carlton (my friend and my boyfriend), Tyana Chantrell, Bradley Ramone, Shonda Mont'e, Eric, and Charell.---Friends come and friends go, but TRUE friends last FOREVER!!

**Check out what I like to do in my Free Time**



Smile...Someone is ALWAYS watching you!!

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