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i like never actually blog on this thing because frankly...i want a new host..but i don't know enough about web pages to aquire such a thing. so my goal is to eventually become the webmaster for RISK, DRK, Soul Motive and myself basically. JAC 62 is 2m..kinda nervous this'll be my first time serving wowow! being that pualineis the only one who reads this i want to say i love you so much beb and tahnk you for sticking by meeh even though most of the time i'm an asshole..I Love You!!

so okay this is whut happen to me lately i have this boring ass summer sucks this weather is eratic but beautiful at times. i have hella retreats this summer...Thank God(literally) hmmm...right now i'm currently watching tha joan bennet story on ch.4 kinda skurry that there's still that little girls kiler out dere feel ...real skurry...i installed my router today. made meeh a little late for the JAC meeting. go0d luck to Bro. Rommell in the marines...this case on TV is so stupid...those police are so freaking stupid they really duNn know whut they doing...oh yeah i had dinner with paula on out 6 months...i'm curretntly working on a new layout...go well okay im gonna go now to finish designing my

[6.7.3-9.18am] so yeah earlier this wEek i was afraid that all ma flirting day's were coming back ta haunt mEeh and i was becoming a big aSs flirt again...i felt hella wrong cuz i'm HeLla fEelin paula...then i noticed erray one i hang out wit is hella flirty wit eachother...wierd...i started noticing thingZz bout pepole and sEeing thingZz i prolly wasn't posed to, but wouldn't have to if they weren't yeah i later found out that flirting isn't a big can freak wit sumone sit in dey lap hug and kiss sumone and no one really gives a fuck...cept tha occasional person that talks behind your back when your not there...but yeah i figure if i wouldn't get maDd if ma girl flirted which i try not to0(sumtimes kant help it) but i figure that no one else should be all that anal if i did it it's not like i'm cheating anyways...right???
oh whut a world...

[9.54pm-6.5.3] so yeah grad was today and i think tha onlEe one i'm going to miss is HIT go0d luck to erray one goin intacollege and/or high scho0l...
in other news::i just wanted ta say that i miss all ma epi freinds and even the one's i wasn't so close to...specially ma close frend's...Jas, Lito, Kris, Chris, B, Ant, Lani, Ubes, Jo(both yall), Nacho Queen, Kim, Varni, Brennick, Nick C., Carlos, Christian, Jeff, Issa, Erick, Lloyd, Adolph, Darell, Josh, Char, Risse, Rza, Victoria, Camaquin, Alicia, J-Rey, and i even kinda miss that was alot of peepole that are neva gon read this jet yall stay dope...but not on it!!

okay i have ta give it up to pauline cuz she is da one who actually put all this ish to get her feel...i love you so much baby

tha risk site is soon ta come so duNN even trip iight...
so fer now much love and peace meeh