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Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my site. Christian is helping me create it so if some things have crazy titles or are blank, we're working on them. I guess you probably want to know a little about me, if not then go away (J/K). Here goes....I go to school at UMSL here in good old St. Louis. I'm a senior Biology major, soon to be a Veterinarian...well...if I ever graduate. I work at 2 animal hospitals right now so I'm learning a lot about my major. I love animals more than people it seems, except for you of course Christian :-). I'm also one of the founding cheerleaders here at UMSL. My friend Colleen and I started the squad 2 years ago from a dream and its going great. We've learned a lot of cool stuff and are having a lot of fun. Check out the pictures in my cheerleading gallery. I am also a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity. I have 34 sisters that I enjoy chillin' with. We're actually the largest girls fraternity on our campus. Way to go Zetas! Well, that's all you need to know about me for now so just enjoy my site and sign my guestbook.