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Get down with M.I. Stl Chi

My Girls

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[ ? ] Michigan Fine
The Best lines used on us

? Some Frat Party

Grinding on the Dance Floor

Hi, My name is _________. And I'm on the football team....... *waiting for the panties to drop*

Is your man the Djay too or can I freak on you?

? Some party with a no lights

standing in a dark crowded room

*shinging blue cell phone light in our faces* Damn girl you look good in blue light

alot of girls have told me that they have boyfriends.... I'm beginning to think I'm ugly

the Angelfire Gallery of Fine Art (eat your heart out Ansel Adams)

M.I. Stl Chi in all of our ups and downs

Well, we have defintely had a lot of fun at times. Here are some pics of us fooling around

Sexi Cara and her man at the time in the Chi

The D man and The Fyre Byrd before we go out

four of us together in the Chi

Jenny at a free picnic

someone was happy about lunch

more picnic


hot dogs



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