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Poetry from Tupac

Can You See the Pride In the Panther

Can You See the Pride In the Panther
As he grows in splendor and grace
Topling obstacles placed in the way,
of the progression of his race.
Can You See the Pride In the Panther
as she nurtures her young all alone
The seed must grow regardless
of the fact that it is planted in stone.
Can You See the Pride In the Panthers
as they unify as one.
The flower blooms with brilliance,
and outshines the rays of the sun.

Untitled 1

Father forgive us for living
Why are all my homies stuck in prison?
Barely breathing, believing that this world is a prison
It's like a ghetto we can never leave
A broken rose giving bloom through the cracks of the concrete
So many things for us to see
Things to be
Our history so full of tragedy and misery
To all the homies who never made it home
The dead peers i shed tattoed tears for when I'm alone
Picture us inside a ghetto heaven
A place to rest finding peace through this land of stress
In my chest I feel pain come in sudden storms
A life full of rain in this game watch for land thorns
Our unborn never got to grow, never got to see what's next
In this world filled with countless threats
I beg God to find a way for our ghetto kids to breath
Show a sign make us all believe

Untitled 2

With all this extra stressing the question I wonder is after death
After my last breath
When will I finally get to rest from this oppression?
They punish the people that's asking questions
And those that possess steal from the ones without possessions
The message I stress
To make you stop study your lessons
Don't settle for less
Even the genius asks his questions
Be greatful for blessings
Don't ever change, keep your essense
The power is in the people and politics we address
Always do your best
Don't let the pressure make you panic
And when you get stranded and things don't go the way you planned it
Dreaming of riches in the position of making a difference
Politicians is hypocrites
They don't want to listen
If I'm insane it's the fame
I ain't about to change
It ain't nothing like the game
It's just me against the world

Ambition Over Adversity

Take one's adversity
Learn from their misfortune
Learn from their pain
Believe in something
Believe in yourself
Turn adversity into ambition
Now blossom into wealth

I Cry

Sometimes when I'm alone I Cry,
Cause I am on my own.
The tears I cry are bitter and warm.
They flow with life but take no form
I Cry because my heart is torn.
I find it difficult to carry on.
If I had an ear to confiding,
I would cry among my treasured friend,
but who do you know that stops that long,
to help another carry on.
The world moves fast and it would rather pass by.
Then to stop and see what makes one cry,
so painful and sad.
And sometimes...
I Cry
and no one cares about why.

In the Event of My Demise

In the event of my Demise
when my heart can beat no more
I Hope I Die For A Principle
or A Belief that I had Lived 4
I will die Before My Time
Because I feel the shadow's Depth
so much I wanted 2 accomplish
before I reached my Death
I have come 2 grips with the possibility
and wiped the last tear from My eyes
I Loved All who were Positive
In the event of my Demise

The Fallen Star

They could never understand
what u set out 2 do
instead they chose 2
ridicule u when u got weak
they loved the sight
of your dimming
and flickering starlight
How could they understand what was so intricate
2 be loved by so many, so intimate
they wanted 2 c your lifeless corpse
this way u could not alter the course
of ignorance that they have set
2 make my people forget
what they have done for much 2 long
2 just forget and carry on
I had loved u forever because of who u r
and now I mourn our fallen star

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature's law is wrong it learned to walk with out having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping it's dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else ever cared.

And Tomorrow

Today is filled with anger, fueled with hidden hate.
Scared of being outkast, afraid of common fate.
Today is build on tragedies which no one want's to face.
Nightmares to humanity and morally disgraced.
Tonight is filled with Rage, violence in the air.
Children bred with ruthlessness cause no one at home cares.
Tonight I lay my head down but the pressure never stops,
knowing that my sanity content when I'm droped.
But tomorrow I see change, a chance to build a new,
build on spirit intent of heart and ideas based on truth.
Tomorrow I wake with second wind and strong because of pride.
I know I fought with all my heart to keep the dream alive.

Excerpted from "In The Depths of Solitude"

A young heart with an old soul
How can there be peace?
How can I be in the depths of solitude
When there are two inside of me?
This duo in me causes the perfect opportunity
To learn and live twice as fast
As those who accept simplicity...

A Young Heart with an Old Soul

A young heart with an old soul How can there be peace?
How can I be in the depths of solitude
When there are two inside of me?
This duo in me causes the perfect opportunity
To learn and live twice as fast
As those who accept simplicity...

When ure Heart Turns Cold

When your heart turns cold
it causes your soul 2 freeze
It spreads throughout your spirit
like a ruthless feeling disease
The walls that once were down
now stand firm and tall
Safe from hate/love, pain/joy
until u feel nothing at all
When ure heart turns cold
a baby's cry means nothing
A dead corpse is trivial
Mothers neglecting children
utine friend
Death seems like tranquility
Sleeping is never pleasant
if u even sleep at all
u forget ideals and turIf I Fail

If in my quest to achieve my goals
I Stumble or crumble and lose my soul
Those that knew me would easily co-sign
There was never a life as hard as mine
No father - No money - No chance and No guide
I only follow my voice inside
If it guides me wrong and I do not win
I'll learn from my mistakes and try 2 achieve again
n off the reason
2 make sure the product gets sold
You don't understand how I behave
Just wait till your heart turns Cold!


Please wake me when I'm free
I cannot bear captivity
where my culture I'm told holds no significance
I'll wither and die in ignorance
But my inner eye can c a race
who reigned as kings in another place
the green of trees were rich and full
and every man spoke of beautiful
men and women together as equals
War was gone because all was peaceful
But now like a nightmare I wake 2 c
That I live like a prisoner of poverty
Please wake me when I'm free
I cannot bear captivity
4 I would rather be stricken blind
than 2 live without expression of mind

The Eternal Lament

From my mind 2 the depths of my soul
I yearn 2 achieve all of my goals
And all of my free time will be spent
On the 1's I miss I will lament

I am not a perfectionist
but still I seek perfection
I am not a great romantic
But yet I yearn 4 affection

Eternally my mind will produce
ways 2 put my talents 2 use
and when I'm done no matter where I've been
I'll yearn 2 do it all again.

Just a Breath of Freedom

Held captive 4 your politics
They wanted 2 break your soul
They ordered the extermination
of all minds they couldn't control
4 u the fate was far worse
that just a brutal homicide
They caged u like an animal
and watched u slowly die inside
As u Breathe your first air of freedom
on the day u become a free man
Raise your Regal Brow in Pride
4 now you R in God's Hands
The life of many were given
so that the day would one day come
That the devils in Power at Pretoria
would pay for the evil crimes they've done

The Shining Star Within!

Secrets R hidden within the clouds
of Darkness,
And in this place no one Dares 2 Breathe
in Fear of self-expression
It has been this way
forever and a day
until she came 2 shine
with a spark of innocence and questions
only 2 be answered with Darkness
Not just Darkness but the silent kind
that steals your soul and kills your mind
There was no compassion
for this thriving star
only exploitations
and confused jealousy
u saw no hope and brought the end
Never acknowledging the star within

What Is It That I Search 4

I know not what I search 4
But I know I have yet 2 find it,
Because it is invisible 2 the eye
My heart must search 4 it blinded.

And if by chance I find it,
Will I know my mission is achieved?
Can one come 2 conclusions,
Before the question is conceived?

Just as no one knows
what lies beyond the shore,
I will never find the answer 2
what it is that I search 4.

Under The Skies Above

My child is out there somewhere
under the skies above
waiting anxiously 4 u and me
2 bless it with our love
A part of me a part of u
and a part of this love we share
will protect my unborn child
who lives dormant out there somewhere
Sometimes in my dreams
I imagine what it would be like
How could I properly guide him
when even I don't know what's right
Whether he is born in wealth or poverty
there will be no deficiency in love
I welcome this gift of life
given from GOD under the skies above

March 1st - The Day After April

Today I wake and feel even lonelier
But I c positive potential
My heart shook much like the quake
Then the pain was gone
The arctic breeze formed the fortress
Barricading my fragile heart from Pain

It is not that I don't love u
and it was because I did love u
that I must move on
as long as I breath
I will remember
"WE AS 2"

Tears from a Star

My tears they fall with passion
Like tears conceived from stars
Full of brightness & energy
Seen only from afar
Tonight these tears are
full of pain but also I can feel
relief from my heart
Because the stigma is revealed
unfaithful and unforgiven
I cannot bear 2 let this be
So I must be pure
2 only her for eternity

Wife 4 Life

I hope u heard me when I asked
u that night 2 be my wife
Not for this year or next
But mine for all your life
2 accept me when I sin
and understand me when I fail
Not 2 mention standing the rain
which comes down as hard as hail
I am not the best men
My faults could scare the night
But my heart is always pure 2 my wife 4 life

1 4 April

2 me your name alone is poetry
I barely know u and already
I can't explain this feeling I feel
I want 2 c u from the moment
u leave my side till the moment u return
My nonchalant cold heart finally has eyes only
So now I risk it all
Just 4 the feeling of joy u bring me
I accept the ridicule
in exchange for the words u share with me
All of this & much more I will do

Life Through My Eyes

Life through my bloodshot eyes
would scare a square 2 death
poverty, murder, violence
and never a moment 2 rest
Fun and games R few
but treasured like gold 2 me
cuz I realize that I must return
2 my spot in poverty
But mark my words when I say
my heart will not exist
unless my destiny comes through
and puts an end 2 all of this

U R Ripping Us Apart !!!

Before u came the triangle never broke
we were bonded and melded as one
But as the 2 pushed u away
The one got weak and embraced u
and now u R ripping us apart

The worst feeling of helplessness
The greatest pain has rested in my heart
The vision of heaven fades
and the nightmare of loneliness has started

My Hero has been defeated by you
and now what can I do
watch as u destroy us
and our love is finally through

I know the worst is here
I feel it in my Heart
u got into the circle
now you're tearing us apart !!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I Fail

If in my quest to achieve my goals
I Stumble or crumble and lose my soul
Those that knew me would easily co-sign
There was never a life as hard as mine
No father - No money - No chance and No guide
I only follow my voice inside
If it guides me wrong and I do not win
I'll learn from my mistakes and try 2 achieve again

Only 4 the Righteous

I'm Down with strictly Dope "So"
That means I'm more than u can handle
"Hot" I'm hotter that the wax from a candle
"Him" that's Roc he's my microphone companion
"Lyrics" full of knowledge truth and understanding
"Hobbies" rapping is my only recreation
"retire" u must be on some kind of medication
"why" because I'll never loosen up my mic grip
"Drugs" never cuz I'm living on the right tip
"sex" only with my girl because I love her
"Babies" impossible I always use a rubber
"Bored" rarely cuz I'm keeping myself busy
"Scratch" nah I leave the cutting up 2 Dize
"Dize?" yeh that's my D.J. he's the greatest
"Word" nah he's paying me 2 say this
"the mind" is something that I cultivate and treasure
"Thanks" you're welcome and besides it was my Pleasure

1st Impressions

Just when I thought I'd seen it all
our paths crossed and met
and I knew from the First glance
that u would be hard 2 4get
your eyes attracted me First
but you reeked of sultry confidence
I couldn't wait 2 touch lips
and kiss with my Heart's intentions
when we did it was what I expected
and 4 that moment we erased the tension
of the awkwardness of First Date Jitters
and the initial Blind Date First impressions
we kissed again and I felt the passion
and this was CUPID's blessing

What of Fame?

everyone knows ure Face
The world screams ure name
Never again R u alone

Why Must u be Unfaithful

u shouldn't listen 2 your selfish heart
It doesn't really have a brain
Besides keeping u alive
Its existence is in vain
"How could I be so mean,
and say your heart has no place?"
Because mortal men fall in love again
as fast as they change their face
I may be cruel, but think awhile about
The hearts that u have broken
Match that with the empty vows
and broken promises u've spoken
I am not saying females R perfect
Because men we know it's not true
But why must u be unfaithful
If her hearts is true 2 u!!!!

Starry Night

a creative heart, obsessed with satisfying
This dormant and uncaring society
u have given them the stars at night
and u have given them Bountiful Bouquets of Sunflowers
But 4 u there is only contempt
and though u pour yourself into that fame
and present it so proudly
this world could not accept your masterpieces
from the heart

So on that starry night
u gave 2 us and
u took away from us
the one thing we never acknowledged
your life

- Tupac Shakur