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About Me

Ben Baranyai
Terry Fox Secondary

My full name is Ben Baranyai i am in Grade 12 again in Terry Fox Secondary and yah i guess im a pretty nice guy too! I have a lot of friends all ages and im into Graffiti, Hip-hop and Skateboarding. I hope to get a snowboard for this up-coming season. I fingerboard a lot kuz im just that damn good at it even tho it is kinda imature if you can make sick tricks like skateboarding look ill i got props haha. Ummm what else o yah my favorite past-times are sketching, listening to music or hanging out with my girl. Im getting good grades in school this year, probably because i quit drugs and shit haha but yah thats cool. Anyways email me if you wanna talk about graff or hip-hop or well anything im a pretty interesting person hahaha... Peace!