Arasen is a smelly goat!!




The G.O.A.T

Hey Arasen you Filthly little animal.

Arasen{Appasamy} aka Billy Goat....Going to the university of leciester in England...this goat likes to suck dicks too...he sucked Mr Parkers Balls to get a prefect tie but because the tie was green he ate it.


Hey Arasen, you really stink, you filthy domestic animal and I'm begging you to please go take a shower because you're polluting the atmosphere........Brush your teeth too're the first gay domestic goat in the history of human kind, you got Bummed up the ass by your bum chum LUKE FLETCHER and then Selman{selman finally lost his virginity} and when Selman told you he would'nt bum you anymore then you went and "GRASS" him up so he gets expelled. You're a fucked up goat and you need to stop eating top pitch. By the way, have you wondered why top picth has such locious grass?I used to piss on carry on eating.

Warning.....Warning...Warning....Warning....Warning..Billy escaped

There's a very dangerous goat on the amoungst us, the goat is said to belong to the London ZOO, Uncle Joe, the Zoo keeper was hit hit by the goat when Uncle Joe tryed feeding him his nice locious grass this morning. The Inspector of police said the goat cannot be far out of the London area and said that Billy should be around a park where there is lots of grass.One eye witness said Billy has never behaved like this before and police may be forced to shoot Billy if he's when he's captured so noone elso would be hurt...Uncle Joe is said to be a stable condition and should be released later today.

Great reward......catch "BILLY" if you can.

A reward of $20,000 is given to the first person that captures this goat, remember people, this goat is very danderous and is said to be usually armed{mainly with hockey sticks}.so stay well off and use loucious green grass to tept him if you can and if this down work then shoot his ass....break his horns, stop him from going horny, break his teeth, I don't care.Below is a picture of billy.

Operation G.O.AT

If you might have any information on the where about of Billy, please contact the closest police station or Pet Tel..Dial G for G.O.AT.