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Nyron Renaldo Thomas!

Ma' boyz are crazy in da hood n ma' bitches holla ma' name...


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my boyz




I'm simply da P.I.M.P.

I'm the definetion of da mudafukin word P.I.M.P. ..Get a bitch I put ma' dick where ma' future kids at...

Nergro's flow...

Eh!, .....Eh Eh Eh.... Baby girl-you were there from the start, you shared my nightmares even though we were apart, you were there to see when I lost it all, when I lost my money I lost my friends, then I lost my mind and there wen't my benz, I love you girl and I want tell you this, there will always be a place for you in my heart and you're the one I'll always miss.

Chorus: Everyone falls in love sometimes, I don't know why but i'm afriad at times, I don't know why but i'm scared to try. x 2

Growing up you was always my sweatheart, you know no-one can keep us apart, fuck your freinds who say I look like a tart, so what if not I'm smart, the only thing that matters is I love you and I meant it from deep down in my heart, you know no other bitch can keep us apart.

Chorus: Everyone falls in love sometimes, I don't know why but i'm afriad at times, I don't know why but i'm scared to try. x 2

Baby girl- I want to take you around the world, get you the finest things in life starting with{diamonds and} pearls, make love to you at night grabing them curls, I know the shit hurts but the truth is that shit gives me twirls, making love like squirrels and riding in cars with girls.

Chorus: Everyone falls in love sometimes, I don't know why but i'm afriad at times, I don't know why but i'm scared to try. x 2

Girl, I just want to hold you hold you hug you and kiss you, make love each night like we suppose to, I know I bring you bad news, I need you in my life girl you too much to loose, from the first time I saw you, I knew you were the one, staring at you from the corner sippin on {cranberry} Juice. Our love is too strong girl, sleeping beside you is something I can get use to.

Chorus: Everyone falls in love sometimes, I don't know why but i'm afriad at times, I don't know why but i'm scared to try. Everyone falls in love sometimes, I don't know why but i'm afriad at times, I don't know why but i'm scared to try. x 2

Crazy Bitch

you're crazy beautiful, come taste me beautiful, when you're not around I replace you beautiful. I please you in every way even when its sexual, I fuck you every day even though its stressful. Even when I'm not able you let me do u da t.v in my dick is the'ah I done told how I like dem floats, If I wasn't around would you still write me notes wishing I was here so you give me deep throats? cheah...I know you aint like that bitch J.LO but get on your knees bitch n give a nigga deep throat..yeah..

My X bitch

Bitch you can go blow dick, when I first met you, you gave me wrong name and number but now I met you I'm so grateful that I found ya. I looked you up in the yellow pages-damn that took ages, then you told me you wasn't looking for love, girl you don't know how much pain you've caused, you've brought my life to a pause for the wrong reasons and wrong cause, now i'm down on ma' fo's asking God what I'd done wrong, putting my back against the wall, I got love but love don't love me back, why is this so common between the blacks? Seeing you there with ma' bestfriend, bitch you known how much that hurt? Makes me thinks its my turn to leave this earth, now your back saying you missed me, bitch eat the dirt, I'm a pimp by birth till I leave this earth, I'm always on the go so I know my girth, 10 million and I aint talking figures bitch thats my worth. I got a new girl who loves me for who I am and not for what I am, I own a airport now, I though It would be nice to call it my pimp-port now, having you back would be my last resort now, when I say that I mean if I have a broken back and shoulders, you said you need my support but I know you don't mean that , you basically want half my chief imports, so fuck that "mission abort". And Tanya, you wait till I tell my bitch about you, damn bitch I wish I'd never fucked you, but my bitch say she'd never forget you, and she got her eyes on you, don't you tell your friends i'm still your baby boo, coz my girl would come there and spank you, get your ass looking black and blue.


Yooh Fabolous this one is for you men so just sit your ass back and relax.....yeah you wanna hate me! I drop a bomb on your whole family coz i'm simply that nigga that shouldn't be fucked with, lik 50 said "made a Mil on a deal and i'm still on the grime", ya'll niggaz fuck around me den i'll bust with a nine{gun},i'll always be on top while you mudafukaz watch me from the sideline. Niggaz talk shit never mind that, haterz Earl shit never find that, come 2004 see where you niggaz be at...

Rap....cheah its the Neg r to da o..yeah datz me you call me negro...

Me and ma' nigga Fabolous, we both dangerous, we always on the move so they scared of us, scared to bust coz they affraid of us. Niggaz so furious coz when we hit town they bitches simply loose they focus. wonder why we so curious?bitches always screaming they wanna come on tour with us! bitch you better get down and bite da dust. we genious and no we ain't gangsterz we just notorious, we sell a million albums-we victorious, niggaz fuck around me and my crew-we aint scared to bust n we serious. when things are so good come bawl with us, when things are o.k come crawl with us, when things are fucked up come fall with us coz you gotta understand life aint always Fabolous...cheah...nigga..dat some deep flow rite there....

True Pimp...

I'm not hater I just pimp a lot, haters fuck around me you'd find yourself deep down in the bay, police try to arrest me and try to lock me away, they got a freaky game going on but I aint got nothing to say. They say i'm a menace to society so you better talk to me politely. The game needs me, i'm one of the few niggaz that made it tightly, ya'll niggaz make the game so unsightly, so ya'll niggaz better threat me nicely, ya'll don't like me then fight me, you wanna put a bullet through ma' brain, nigga bite me. How do you think I got this rich?You think i'm like you sitting around jerking off till my my dick don't twitch?Snitch get the fuck out of my house you eleterate son of a bitch...I'm the mudafukin pimp, I pimp so hard I don't walk with a limp, never see the same chik twice, that makes me the pimp and mudafuka you the shrimp. If you wanna pimp like Negro let me teach you how? Nigga if you can't sell a million albums then you got a problem, if you can't rap then it just wount happen, you got prolems bring them let me solve 'em...When you talk shit about Negro, nigga watch your mouth, if you ever steal my cash you better head down south, try to take my life better stay in your house...Niggaz call me Negro and not coz I wear an afro, bitches say da boy sweat like coco and my plan is to take this game to a choako. I move from zero to being a hero and never outta ammo. I'm the nigga that run the game straight after Esko{Naz}. Left to New york on expo came back with pure cargo{bling bling}soon as I enter the club niggaz holla bravo!, I bring the infro like the public nympho--ya'll niggaz micro, men i'm now macro, sitting at home watching porno, i'm numero uno, what about you? what the fuck do I know? Ask ur men I always keep it fiesko, like ma' nigga Esko, we stick like velcro, hanging on the streets watching kids play with yo-yo and sippin on crystalz with ma' nigga Gogo cheah...

You can hate me...

Hey yooh its your boy from the US, you just law down slow, when I come through nigga run for cover, no not your basement just go right under, my pistols pop pills like thunder, clakk niggaz like flunder, leave you in the streets to pull over. Whenever I hit the clubs I gotta get my dick sucked, after that bitches wanna get fucked, who you be calling crooked? men I spit rhymes like acid, shit burn like plasid, hit you till your eyes go blinded, for this reason your mama call you stupid.I got a little brother that is younger than you, even though he younger he mo' stronger than you, even on a bad day he mo' smarter than you, he pimp mo' bitches so he got mo' ballz than you, remember the dayz when we used to pal y Ruby's que?we used to play a lot coz we thought that shit was cool, pimpin bitches was the job we do, even though I wasn't as cute as you, I still use my game and stayed true to you,baby boo. Nigga I wasn't the one that destroyed your game-that was all you, im not a hater, so know the name, try to fuck with fame n get a bullet through your brain,you don't want that, you don't really want a hole in your frame,try to stop my reign you better get the next train back to your dain up the mountain..cheah..Nigga If you leave your house you better be strapped with a gun! If you aint strapped nigga, you be getting a serious beat down. We be going round for round, I smack you infronts of your boys, nigga if you like we can go pound for pound coz if you fuck with me you headin to da mudafukkin dogg pound, we don't need niggaz like you around,your rock bound now, I bust a capp in your ass n I'm outta town now, you cry like a bitch, they call you a clown now, I move so far, never to be found now...cheah...Its your life or my life, Its your wife or my wife, you bring your knife n I bring mine, we gun sort this out right here, I feal no pain, you stab me once I stab you twice nigga thats your gain, watch your blood pore like rain, you come next week we gun do it again, only this time im gun pop your brain,if that aint enough then get in lane, I give you a surprise that will fuck up your membrane. You better get a bullet proof lumberjack and a bullet proof hat under that, the excess fat wouldnt be able to stop all that coz their aint nothing you can do to combat what i'm about to do to you, I'll splatter your brain and let you eat it for lunch, how does it feal, does it go with a crunch? cheah..Its my duty to put this dick on your booty, from the first time I saw you I knew you are a true cutie, give this thug a try if you want it all fruity,I pass out tappin this dick on your booby. To all my doggs in Harborough that is getting that pussy, we be beating it up till 6 in the morning, keeping it up make the bitches keep on groaning, we get bitches everyday yet we keep on boaning...

Jelousy 'n' Envy

You’ve been makin noise, you and your boyz, fuckin around with toys. Men, I ain’t like you, tryin to scare hommies with a toy gun, I fuck around with shit that pakk heat more than you get from the sun, so when you see me, mudafuka run.

Better set sumthin, stuntin or maybe nothing because when I get at you, I’ll get your legs broke, gun stroke, get your fagget ass up, put ma’ gun up, now your ass is dead broke.

How are you gunna hurt ma’ feelinz? Nigga please, you got no cheese {money}, like Jigga said “ ma’ wrist are so chunky, ma’ sleeves in chill”, sometimes I’m scared I might die cos at night I freeze, but I try to stay awake puffin on trees.

Please believe me, I pop heat, put you niggaz to sleep then put your ass in the ground, so deep rapped in sheets, no one fucks with ma’ fleet, you heard da beep! So hang tight and keep your ass in your seat cos the streets where I be packin ma’ heat.

You trying to hurt ma’ feelinz, nigga start believing, cos you can never hurt ma’ feelinz, whatz da dealinz! You must be smoking, loakin n woakin!
You got that bitch Tanya but you can’t get her put it on ya, you let you brother Fab take her away from ya, I tried to warn ya, with your ass so deep in da shit, so why envy da kid! Cheah!

Tru Pimpz.

Word up pimp! Without me there’s no you, and without you there’s no me, why is it so hard for you to see, there’s only one place where true pimpz be, fuck that nigga 50, we’re the true pimpz and so what if we walk with a limp!

I just tell it, I’m just writing you this rhyme as I lay in my bed and hope you read it and don’t take this shit to the head. The lyrics is all mine, unlike yours which you can get online, nigga I have to rap this shit up cos I’m runnin’ outta time.

The truth is I’m cool with you; remember the times we went clubbin? Men, we were straight thuggin’
We sipped on the finest champagne, travel first call, but doz days are in the memories now and I wish we could do it all over again.

When we hit the clubs, all the bitches wanna be at our table including the old and able, they say they want a nigga that drives da Benz, but only if they knew, we were still struggling to ride our bicycle but shit like this should be kept between me and you, we put it down for them, baby give that ass a wiggle.

We strolled to classes with our baggy jeans touching our Asses, we kept it real, we pimped doz hoz of the block, nigga tell me how that feel? We fucked more hoz than Jigga had in his entire career, Nigga we that ROC, nigga we go way back smacking hoz from of the block, they come through, fuck you and be sucking dicks after their curfew.

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