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Dumb things I've noticed that I shouldn't have!
+If you go onto and do a search for google, you find 37,500,000 results.
+When Chris cuts his hair....his ID cards become invalid.
+Me and Joey have the same nose.
March 2004
Five thoughts later and I'm clean out *cries*

February 2004
Never point out when someone is blushing. Trust me and the many piles of dirt in my backyard next to my shovel.

January 2004
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? The hell would you call a woodchuck a woodchuck if a woodchuck can't chuck wood?

Picture of the month:

Ah that's so great. I found this on Ebay. Someone actually made a cable to connect their Playstation controller to their Gamecube. Take that Nintendo!
December 2003
We all know that Santa gets in your house by going down the chimney, but how does the Easter bunny get in???

Sound of the month:
Just remember that the purple pig is a snow mobile. That's all you need to know. (324KB)
November 2003
If somebody's heart stopped and they were on the electric chair, would it bring them back to life when they pulled the switch?

Sound of the month:
Mike's Mario Twin phone message! (552KB)