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J-Money$ What You Gone do?

I'm sick and tired of tellin you my name/ MBZ, the new breed of rap in dis game/ And if you dont like it, Ill send you to one of my killaz/ casue they know how to work da nine millaz/ Bam Bam, pop, pop, dats da sound of the glock, goin through two blocks/ to find ya body/ like dat biatch nigga Irv Gotti/ Cept its MBZ and well turn ya flesh red like a Cherry Gelati/ Thats just a little taste of what where capable of, J-money, and I'm out/

Oh, Feel da Beat its T-Money$

When I step on the scene/ A lean mean reckin machine/ I pop my glocks like corks from rum/ All you doin is twiddle diddlin you thumbs/ You donít know what to do/ Youíre standin there like ya just took a cold shower/ Please sir, donít stand there for another hour/ Unless you want me to give you a messed up slant like the Piza Tower/ Just címon and try to mess with me The P.I.M.P./ From New Jerseyyyyyyyyyyy/ Yea yea you know it/ South Central ya heard it/

Iíll never forget what you did to me that day/ You bastard you almost took my life away/ What kind of pussies ambush ya after you pick up yer kids/ Obviously you do you son of a bitch The low rider didnít hold up in the heat/ So it burst and shattered and they really mattered/ You took em away from me, they had something to live for/ But playa please, enough is enough/ Havenít you learned that yet, well you soon will/ In 2 weeks Iím cominí after you with dual mils/

*girls chant in background T-MONEY*

Iím doin this now I gave you the warning/ Prepin for this day punk you knew it was cominí/ Ya know, the day that Iím cominí at you straight gunniní/ But before I unload these clips in yer waist/ I look over at your girl and wonder how that will taste/ No time for distractions, donít want to loose the look on yer face/ It was my time to put you and your bastards in place/

*girls chant in background T-MONEY*

Hey, donít feel bad/ You didnít have a chance/ I was well equipped/ You were on yer last mag/ I was sportin a vest/ All you had was a chain on yer chest/ I guess it wasnít enough to stop the best of the best/ But, itís all over/ All yer hardships are gone/ I buried them and you with a bottle of don/ No need to thank me cuz itís just not possible/

*girls chant in background T-MONEY*

Another Hot Joint..

Iím just glad you are out of my life/ Take this advice/ In the afterlife/ Donít act like you hot/ Act like you donít even exist/ Cuz you didnít up here/ Iím the reason why you were depressed for 15 years/

Your verses sound like you signed with murder inc/ Couldnít outspit any rapper, hell not even Nísync/ My skills are something not to be messed with/ Iím one of those boys you donít wanna do battle with/ My lyrics are so unbelievable that they could give a blind man sight/ My rhymes darker than the worldís darkest night/ I spit at you words full of hate/ They bend you over and begin to penetrate/ 10 days later and your already late/ never know when your female body will menstruate/ Iím more studied than the subject of evolution/ Rhymes so insane they cause a revolution/ Here at MBZ Iím most respected in this community/ Your disses got no effect, Iíve developed an immunity/ A resistance to all your so called disses/ Everytime u attack it always misses/ I do that crazy dodge like in the matrix/ So go back to your home you'll never make it


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