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Mark founder of clan (NBK) is a experienced shooting game player and leader of clan (NBK) He has Been seen Poppin caps in Nazi ass and gives shout outs to Chris Mckiel Thrash Langille Jamie.C Craig Hamilton Chipper Hwi-Kyeong and his kitties

Me (Matt) Co-founder of clan (NBK) also experience shooting game player and Co-Leader of clan (NBK) im a east coast thug representin the T. is the scout and pilot for the clan i give shout outs to all da DTP- clan and to pickle hwi-Kyeong jeremy.f and corey.b thrash langille Scott.V Neil.M Alex.H Scott aka. scooterland Max aka Warlord_8 and Jeff Whiteboy all (NBK) clan members Brandon and Mallory L, Devro!! lol and My girl Mariko:p !!

Nick 3rd member to join (NBK) a friend of mine and marks plays while snortin crack and jamming to ozzy

Neil.M 4th member in (NBK) is a hardcore thug!;p plays a variety of online games and is very experienced and good at them not as good as me though! he gives shout outs to brandon josh and everyone else.

Devon 5th member of (NBK) Hardcore 1st person shooter player owns it up on cstrike all da time and d2 WUWUWUWUWYWYWY!!

Josh 6th member of (NBK) ghetto thug strait up holla! gives shout outs to all tha thugs around da world.

These are pics of the members of (NBK) are Battlefield1942 clan all 1942 (NBK) clans members are friends outside of the game and all have experience in Shooting games such as counterstrike and mostly all shooting games (NBK) clan members devon matt play diablo2 alot also






click here for the official site and clic here for a battlefield1942 site really good and

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