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HEIGHT: 6 feet
WEIGHT: 230 lbs.
CAR: 1995 red , Honda Civic 4 DR LX
FAVORITE COLOR: I like Red, but is300 gray.
HOBBIES: Cars and Girls
NICKNAMES: asian sensation, show stopper
FAVORITE MOVIE: The Last Race ( I love the part where he smokes that V8!)
Turn on's: Cute girls...can stand person...some one i can chill with.
Turn off's:girls that smoke , bad breath and smell funny!

mark- is a young spontaneous teenager that dreams about recognition,
acceptance, and becomeing the richest pperson on the planet. In what order, we're
never quite sure. He's good natured kid, and means well, but his visions of
becomeing famous grandeur often get the best of him as he leads everyone around him
from one misadventure to the next. In his battle to keep from being a loser, Mark is determined to turn him self to a giggalo/pimp/playa/ro-model. Mark will do nearly anything it takes to beat everyone and win the admiration of the girls; even if it means getting way over his head with debt, the law, and instruction manuals.