DESTINY`S CHILD LYRICS "T-Shirt" [Spoken Beyonce] Hey Baby I Wish You Could See What I Have On Right Now You So Sexy Imagine How Intense It Would Be To Hold Me Right Now Our Song`s Playing [Verse 1 Beyonce] At Night, When You`re Far And I`m Alone I Feel The Fabric From Your T-Shirt Close To My Body I Can Still Hear Your Baritone In My Ear Telling Me You`ll Take It Slow And I Was In The Mirror Playing A RollLike YouWork It, I Couldn`t Turn Me On So I Fell Asleep With The Music On Woke Up Again Hearing The Same Old Song, Playing [PreChorus Kelly] (Oh) Give It To Me Deeper (Oh) Giving Me The Fever (Oh) Now You Got My Feet Up This One Is A Keeper Now The Second Verse Is Playing (Oh) We Tried To Stand Up (Oh) Hold Me While My Hands Up (Oh) And The Music Picks Up Fantasies Were Shook Up I`m Thinking To Myself Again [Chorus] When You`re Not Here (I Sleep In Your T-Shirt) I Wish You Were Here (To Take Off Your T-Shirt) After We MakeLove I Sleep In Your T-Shirt) Wake Up In Your T-Shirt, Still Smell The Scent Of Your Cologne When I Need Your Feel (I Sleep In Your T-Shirt) I Need Help (To Take Off Your T-Shirt) After We Make Love(I Sleep In Your T-Shirt) Wake Up In Your T-Shirt, Still Smell The Scent Of Your Cologne [Verse 2 Beyonce] Outside I Hear The Rain On My Windowpane Hold Up A Minute, Thought I Heard Your Name My Mind, Playing Tricks On Me Again I Hear Knocks On The Door, Is That Baby Home Why Couldn`t It Be Reality? Looked At The Clock It Says 4:03 At Nine, He`ll Be Arriving On A Plane Then We`ll Be Making Love And Hearing The Song Again [PreChorus] [Chorus] [Bridge Michelle] Oh Boy I`ve Been Waiting Now My Body`s Shaking You`re So Deep, Baby Please, Take It Easy I Look At Your Face And Got My Heart Racing You`re So Deep, BabyPlease, Take It Easy [Spoken Beyonce] Keep It Right There Oh, Wait, Wait, Yeah Keep It Right There You Driving Me Crazy [Chorus Out] Yup..That’s me As you can see I’m… Caramel Long brown hair Cute smile Str8 teeth Sexy eyes I`m… 5’1 Thick If you don’t like what you see then that’s to bad for ya... A Lil’ Bout Me I like meeting new people Going places Ilove ma cell phone Talking on the phone to my baby Cats SPONGEBOB I ABSOLUTLY HATE Bad breath Stank people Ugly people Things that smell nasty Exams Smokers People who don’t like gays Teachers Cheaters People who lie I GOT TO TELL YALL SOMETHIN… LISTEN… I KNOW YALL KNOW THAT IMLESBIAN AND ALL BUT I JUST GOT A BOYFRIEND… I KNOW WHAT YALL OUT THERE THINKIN… HOW COULD SHE… WHATS GOTTEN INTO HER… WELL… NOTHIN REALLY… I JUST NEEDED TO MAKE A CHANG IN MY LIFE. I MEAN… I WILL NEVER EVER PUT GAY PEPLE DOWN… OR SHUT THEM OUT OF MY LIFE AND FORGET WHO I AM AND WAS. NAW… I CAN’T DO THAT. BUT I WILL NEVER FORGET CUZ THIS IS STILL APART OF MY LIFE. THEY CALL HIM U-S-H-E-R R-A-Y-M-O-N-D Oh ma God!!! This man is the sexiest man on earth… other than ma boyfriend… but damn ma boyfriend look just like him. Ha!!! I guess I got lucky. So let me tell yall bout ma Usher experience. I got to meet Usher the day after his concert in Columbus, Ohio. We was the last people to leave cuz we waited everyone out just to talk to Usher. So when we got sick of waiting at 3am we got in the car and was bout to leave. Next thing you know we see some big *bleep* tour bus… YEAH MAN!!! We fallowed that bus for bout a hour str8. It finally stopped and my cousin got to sing for him and he gave us his card so we can contact him. Then we took some pictures with him and his brother James. CHARLES (my baby... i love you) SHANELL CARLY CARMEN LIZZY CRYSTEL DEREK EDWIN ISIS (ma sis) KEVIN KIDA KILLA CAM MARGOT (oh so sexy) NICOLE QUAYA RACHEL RONNIE SAM SHERRIE T.J. WHITLEY BRITTNEY BRITTANY FALISHIA ANGELA ROBERT AL ... SOME OTHA PPL WELL… MY TIME HAS COME… I NEED TO END THIS PAGE SOMEWHERE. LOL! DON’T WORRY THOUGH. I WILL BE BACK WITH A UPDATE SOON. TILL THEN… STAY SAFE… YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN… BET SAYS IT BEST… “WRAP IT UP” BUH BYE YALL! SMOOCHES!!! ~~STUPID HOE OF THE MONTH~~ ----- Original note ----- Date: Jan.28.2005 15:20 From: KillaBtch42085 To: sexy_as_a_fem Subject: sorry hunny but you were never gay then you were just curious because if you were truly a LESBIAN you would never be with a man
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