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Kristiluv's Page( Fire!!!!)

Whats really good,yall? Thanks 4 checkin' out my joint1 Its ur gurl Kris holdin it down 4 New Yiggity,Fo' Sho'! U no I gotta shout out my peeps in da 2003!!! Holdin down the Dirty South in ATL-- My gurlz Erica & Elaine.Yall keep it crunk till I get down there. My cuz Kerrell,Keep Baggin dem Females, Homey!!1 B.j., My Partner-In-Crime,Help Me run N.Y.,Playboy!! To all my family and Friends.Much Luv,Yall.Holla at ur gurl @Kristiluv117@aolcom if u r feelin the site!!!

Check This out, Yall l!!!!!

FanClub, Gear, Just check out my dirty!!
Everything Ghetto, Baby!!!