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Hey Whats up this is Chris and Jared we just got some love for John Cena (JC) and we were so bored one day so we were like what the hell lets make a fan site so we did it. Bam!

This is a link to is the official website of world wrestling federation, oops I mean world wrestling entertainment.

This is us watching John Cena (JC) do what he does best, perform in the ring, in the WWE.


If anyone wants to advertise their site here, thats cool, here are our rates:

banner = $500
text link: $50
Shout out - $75


Some raps we want John Cena (JC) to rap:
If you want to beat me, you gotta try harder
I'm really good like an enchilida
Right here right now I'm the man, man
Oh you're cool like my old friend Sam

Rap #2
Gotta go beat you up bad, dude
You said some thing about me, you're rude
Like Stephanie from Full House
Stephanie McMahon though ain't no mouse

We'll be adding more raps to this section of the site so be sure and check it out when you come back to this page.

People John Cena (JC) have written raps about:

Spanky, Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar, Zach Gowen, Stephanie McMahon, Tajiri, Chris Benoit, Rhyno, Rikishi

updated weekly!



Shout outs:


And finally we leave you with a picture John Cena (JC) sent us of him looking at this boadcious web site biatch!

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