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Tracklisting (SO FAR):

01. Grab Tha Mic
02. On The Ball
03. Best Mate (Bored On My Own)
04. Nowhere Central
05. Bounce (feat. Orange Juice)
06. Waiting For The Sunlight
07. I Remembered
08. I Can Only Speak...
09. Your My Inspiration
10. Hittin' Tha Spot
11. It's All About Respect
12. Think I Give A Damn
13. Give The World Some Thought (feat. Manik P & Serum)
14. Just An Illusion
15. Come Again!
16. I'm Gonna Ride Out
17. No Way Ro J

Production on this album comes from 3 Producers...
- Fash Beats
- NIP Productions
- RoDiculous Recordings
This is my debut album, a full length album that sprung from 1 idea that started in 2000 when I was moving from the garage style to the hip hop style. Since then, I have been creating this album, many changes have been made during the course due to changes in opinion or style. I hope you enjoy how it came out.