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ThE wIgGeRs PaGe


off the heezy links

funny as hell!

HOLLA! well there was this one night i was really bored and thats when i discovered rapping... and what a cool wigger i am.. ((dont let the whiteness fool you)) im like black in the inside n white on the outside.. reminds me of uh oh oreos.. hmm.. well this night was probably the happiest night of my life.. i discovered the true me! im a true rapper! thats right females n gents a rapper, rachel smyth, u got it straight. ur probly like oh geeze, i hope shes kidding, but no siree.. this gangsta aint no liar! nor would i joke on a subject so EXTREME! so watch out now!... im not fully dun with the site its still under construction.. so gimme a holla if u got a few tips up yo sleeve...