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The HitmaKer

With Producing, Writing, Beat Orchestrating and handling all buisness transaction's, its safe to say he is in complete control of his destiny. Like the worlds of producers like Dr Dre to Kanya West, to the original melody patterns like the beats of Swizz Beats, he too is ready to be the one man show. With the untimley departure of a few artist's and the unfortunate attack on his premiere artist MrE, it was time to take his destiny in his own hands. With the solo release "Noone Knows What Tommorow Brings" that he completley produced, recorded and distributed himself, the buzz has begun. Tracks like "Confidant", "Reality","Commercial Track" and the title song "Noone Knows...." he displays a perfect blend of rhyme and beat. A new breed of artist that labels are starting to look for.

-See a list of the many HitmaKer works below-


The Hitmaker "Noone Knows What Tommorow Brings"


Incyte "Complements of Myself" Incyte and Hitmaker
Plus production on the tracks "Phonies" and "Split Decision"

MrE-Beats and Rhymes and E True Homestead Story

Hunk Inc. Records presents... (mixtape) Like it or not

S.K. the Kid "Posten on the Block" Hottest on the Block

Production work for the up and coming mixtape released under the D-Dawk stamp for Rated R ent. (Holla At ya Boy Dawk!)

Unreleased (may have been released locally)

Im'a do Me
Kiss my ass featuring MrE
A little Incyte Track on up and coming Incyte album
Dreamery featuring MrE

Mr E

With a track record like his, you would think his time should've happened already. Featuring a pretty impressive album and feature list it's only the beggining. Since the age of 14 rappin on karaoke machines to 21, in state of the art facilitys to sessions with the hitmaker, perfecting the flow has been a must. MrE's last album "E True Homestead Story" sold, but still remained underrated in the local music field. Standout tracks like "El Nino" "Patiantly Wating" and "My H.O.M.E." make the album a must for local music guru's and cd collecters alike. Also look for him as the premiere artist to be released under the Hitmaker stamp.

-See a list of the many MrE works below-


MrE- E True Homestead Story
MrE Presents Beats and Rhymes


Incyte (Complement's of Myself) "No Stoppin Us"

Sketch (Album Title Unknown) "Concrete Jungle"

The Hitmaker (Noone Knows What Tommorow Brings)
"Ride on'em"
"Artist Elite"

Unreleased (may have been released locally)

Weed Head featuringJoe Wig
Mr Elevation
HST has arrived featuring Bey da mirac, Mr Luck and T-Laws
Top of the West
Dreamery featuringThe Hitmaker
Still Smokin
Good Vibrations featuring Bey da mirac, Eddie B and Vibe
Harder the Artist

Some may not appear on list