Welcome to Hippos Ltd, where we offer the latest array of hippo related crap!  This summer we have a few special offers so enjoy looking around our website.  Happy hippoing!

Henry Hippo
Managing director

New state laws insist any person in possession of hippos larger than 2.435m aware all persons passing the 'hippo zone'.  Don't be a FOOL! Don't camp next to your hippo friend ready to warn passes-by.  NO NO! It's not needed.!
Instead all you need to do is buy this rather spiffing road sign at only…

Hippos Ltd has teamed up with www.buyawife.com to give you  this exclusive opportunity to buy this beautiful bride, Sally Louise.

Sally is a sexy, young hippo [aged roughly 20 years].  She promises to be a your lady in the dining room, your little woman in the kitchen and your whore in the bed!

It's summer and we all like a splash around at the beach...now you can do so with this hippo shaped rubber-ring!  Genius!

N.B. Baby sold separately at £45.00


We have recently been informed of abuse of the psychedelic hippos (and swine) recently advertised on this website.  We have investigated this problem and have discovered various randomers have indeed been taking photos of this sick, twisted possibly sexual and certainly physical abuse.  Hippos Ltd would like to ask all customers to, in future, respect the hippo community.

So innocent!

But remember what starts out as just a game….

Can end in tears……….