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Launch     This is launch Yahoo where you can listen to music. You can choose from a artist, song, or album title. You can also choose from a radio station or make up your own radio station.

MSN    This is MSN you can do a lot of stuff on here. You can play games and you can even listen to music. I am always up for anything that has music so I can jam while I am on the computer.

My School    The is the Website to my school Mississinewa High School. It is located in Gas City Indiana. I am a senior here and I will graduate June 6th. I have been going to Mississinewa Schools since I was in 1st grade.

Marion High    This is Marion High School's Website. They are called Marion Giants and i know a lot of people that goes there.

Indiana University    This is Indiana University's website and on here you will find a team pic of basketball year 2003-04 and in the #2 jersey is A.J. Moye and we used to talk when IU came and played against our school.
BET    This is the Website for Black Entertainment Television(BET). I like this Website because of the music they play all day long on T.V.

MGH    This is Marion General Hospital's Website. I like going here and looking at the babies that were born during the month and the month before that month.

Penn State    This is Penn State and I am going to go here when I decide to go to college after high school. I am going to go here to be a doctor who delivers babies. I love kids that much that I want to bring them in this world and let them have their very first breath.

Surfside Inn & Suites    This is where I stay every year in Florida along Daytona Beach. This hotel is called Oceanside Inn. It is a very nice hotel and I have a lot of fun there. I have parties that anybody can come to. It has a nice pool that I like to go swimming in.