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What is the purpose of Missionaries?





         The main purposes of the Jesuits/Black Robes was to go to New France and spread the word of their God to the People there. The Jesuits/Black Robes tried to convert the natives into the Christian and Catholic beliefs. The process of converting natives to their culture was not a very simple task. One of the obstacles that the Jesuits/Black Robes had to compete against was that the Natives were really loyal to their own religious beliefs. Another obstacle that the Jesuits/Black Robes had to face was the language barrier. The natives spoke a different language than the missionaries (which were Jesuits/Robes) so sometimes it got difficult to communicate, but some missionaries were able to learn the native language and the language barrier was broken. However some missionaries were not able to learn the language of the natives and it made the process of converting the natives really difficult. One more thing that made the road rugged for the missionaries was that when they came over to the native territory, They had also brought diseases that the natives had never experienced which interfered with the conversion process because it was killing the natives (mainly Hurons) and that broke some of the relationships that the missionaries had with the natives, the missionaries were not affected by the diseases because they were immune to them. The also thought that the missionaries were actually evil spirits that were trying to bring misfortune to the people. The missionaries’ life was not easy at all. While the missionaries were with the natives they had to be very cautious about their actions and what they say as well. The natives especially did not like it when a person said they would do something but did not do the full job, For example If a missionary said that he would row the boat that meant that he would have to row the boat until the end of the journey, if he stopped half way then the natives would not take it well. Sometimes there conversion attempts were successful and sometimes they we unsuccessful. Sometimes the missionaries would die because the natives did not like what they were doing.