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its ya boiDont forget that Guestbook Lemme Introduce Yall to my skills iight I didnt wanna go this far but you made me, So im gonna even the score like Tracy McGrady, You say u got his jersey but you bought dat from Macy`s. Dont try to get me cus u gon get got, Like the fire on the stove kid im just too hot, I`m like a speedin bullet cus i cant be stopped yet, Not until i can get to my target. And please dont try at all to break me, Cus im unbreakable like diamons plus i bling. Just know not to wage war wit a soulja, i told ya`, I punish u everyday n like grandparents u gettin olda`. Im bout to be done now but dont forget me u`ll regret me, But maybe u gon think twicebefore stepping, If you do forget maybe you`ll get a break... but for now {n i g g a} be real dont {f u c k i n} be fake. Dat Is original work so dont fake i dont steal shit..and yes dat came off da top of my head HOLLA
Come Chill at dat G-Spot iight
Dont Forget to send me a note ya know??? Its Ya Boi Send Me A Note Ladies If You LoOKIN fine Ay Its ya boi Brian,and u need to holla at me iight? Its Fa sho den, welcome to my hizzle fa shizzle iight? Its dat boi...i go to Carroll n im Reppin dat (deep Breath) 06` kid..Holla at ya boi If you like wat you gettin send me a note Whats REALLY good, Its ya boi, Brian, Im just da ni99a dat be chillin ya heard...if you need me i will answer my fone most of the time cus im that type of yungin. First off, im 5`5` 132lbs,I got me a 6 pak incase you wanted to know, i got dem gunz too, Yo some ofyall girls for real need to holla at me cus if you are hot to death then u just dont really have a choice you know? holla at mah boi C-Gregg on his page too.....its at da bottom (3b0o1y) DONT FORGET TO SIGN THE G-BOOK. PEACE N A BOTTLE OF HAIR GREESE. SHOW YA BOI A LIL LUV HOLLA What I Want in a girl: Looks Are Important U know how to treat a man right, no frontin, no fakin, no teasin, none of dat. Not borin on the fone (i cant ALWAYS spark the conversation) Real Cool to chill wit Show a lil luv Keep ya mind on the present not the past....but can still think towards the future Dont be afraid to say I love you...but only if you mean it....ya know?

DONT FORGET TO HOLLA AT MAH BOI ZO....................3B0o1y, in other words 301 boy, but hit his page up and sign gis guest book too iight, ya know, if sum of yall girls got a friend ya know or a sister dat look as good as you do.....DONT FORGET TO HOOK IT UP YA KNOW.....cus layin dat pipe come easy to me iight?

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