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David's Dance Page

music -freestyle

-everybody wanna get down when u hear the sound and you bump to the beat-

1:cross rt ft over left

2:step left ft fwd

3:step rt ft rt (ft apart):squat down, hands on knees

4:up, ft together

5:jump (ft apart)

6:look rt, hip rt

7:jump on left (to face left) and jump on rt

8:jump on left (look over rt shoulder to "audience"

365 days a yr, 24 a day, 7 days a week-

1:rt hand up, ext. out (stop hand) left hand on shoulder (look fwd)

2:move rt hand to rt side , ext. rt ft in to left

3:bend from waist down


5:ft together, rt knee bent, hands up above head

6:bend left knee hands down

7:step rt ft out to rrt shoulder rt and shoulders left

8:shoulders rt

-now when you're drivin in your 4 by 4 and u turn this up on your stereo-

step on left ft

1:cross rt over left

2:turn left to face front

3:step on rt , lean rt, rt hand left (like driving) and hand rt , lean left

4:hand left, lean rt

5:ball change -RL

6:steo left ft out (ft apart) rt hand up, (left on left hup)

7:move lower body rt, upper left , wave arm left, heels rt

8:heels left , hand rt

wether day or night non-stop you'll play and u know u still want more so- and rt hand in back of head, left hand in front

1:switch-rt in front, left in back and hands ext. out

2:bring hands in to head on sides

3:twist upper body to left and bend knees

4:front / ctr

5:throw rt hand down to rt side

6:throw left hand down to left side

7:throw rt hand up and rt

8:throw rt hand down and left


find a honey thats standin on the wall, all the girls get the gusy on the-

1:bend knees, go downinto squat, hands on thighs


3:left ft over rt

4:step rt ft out (ft apart) and rt hand left-up near cheek

5:push hand out to rt side alil and look left


7:rt hadn at left side and out

8:left hand to rt side and out

-floor, from the frotn to the back lets go, here this whoa!-

1: go down, hands together up above head


3:hips rt and back, hands left and front

4:hips left and front, hands back and hands out in front

5:pull hands in


7:ball change

8:high kick up left ft


somebody hit the lights, so we can work it day-

1:cross left ft (down from kick) over rt

2:turn rt to unravel and face front

3:bend knees, go down

4:and jump rt (ft together) throw hands (over head) to left

5:repete '4'

6:cross rt over left

7:step left ft left (ft apart) swing rt hand up above head in a circle

8:bend knees a lil and seeing rt hand again in a circle over head

and night, ppl gettin down that right, from am to pm-

1:stand up, swing rt hand again


3:rt hand bent over head , left hand across waist


5:bring left hand down to rt hand and bend knees to go down to floor


7:shoulder rt back to center

8:shoulders L and back to center

-everybody lookin like stars, all the chicks and the fellas-

1:bend knees, head back


3&4:back side front-LRL and step rt ft out to rt

5:slide left ft to rt (big long slide)

6:end slide with rt hand near head and left hand on left hip, left knee pointed to rt-elbows out

7:step left ft left, elbow out

8:step rt ft to left , elbow in

-in the bars, all of y'all bumpin this in your cars, from am to pm-

1,2: repete 7,8

3:bring rt hand around head (start left around to rt side)

4:rt ahd down and bend body down from waist

5:shoulders back and come up a lil, hands near chest

6:shoulders back come up all the way

7:hands up above head

8:throw hands down and body down to floor, - on floor on one knee , scrunch down


1:jump up, ft apart, hands up

2:head and hands down and head ctr, bend knees alil, pull fists up alil

3:repete-knees not bent-fists near chest and pull ft together, left hand over head, rt hand on the side of head, (both hands by rt side of face, together)

4:switch hands to left side of head and hands at left hip

5:hands at rt hip, rt hip turned fwd

6:twist upper body to face left

7:pull hands up, ft together

8:down-rt knee on floor left ft on floor and: up, rt ft crossed in front of left

1:jump ft out, face front

2:left elbow left, rt hand with left rt elbow down

3:rt elbow up, left down and left elbow up, rt down

4:hands down together in front

5,6:circle hips to left , wave arms above head in circle to left (snap on 6 if u want)

7,8:repete to rt

-now everybody in the club come on keep boppin your heads now to this song-

1:throw hands out in front, rt ft fwd

2:bring hands in

3: ball change on left

4:step left ft left (ft apart)

5:rt had on head swing head left

6:swing head rt

7:jump rt over left and jump left over rt

8:jump ft apart

-you got the beats and breaks and your body shake and were doin it all night long-

1:reach rt hand fwd, rt ft out to rt side, and rt hand and knee up

2:pull rt hand down, rt ft down over left

3&4: REVERSE (1and2)

5:turn to face rt (left ft is in front of rt)

6:switch ft- rt ft in front of left

7:turn to face front, hands together at chest and head up

8:head fwd

-any time or place any place or time , no we dont need no sleep- and hands up by top of head, rt heel fwd

1: bring down to shoulders, bring in rt ft and rt ft out to rt , hands out

2:bring in ft and hands

3and4:repete with left and rt ft in by left (toe on floor) left hand ready to go up

5:bring left hand around to front and stop when hand in flexed rt in front of your body, rt ft out to rt side and left toe in, rt hand ready

6:left ft out to left side, rt hand crossed in back of left flexed

7:push rt hand fwd

8:bring rt hand in under rt side of head-tilt head rt, keep left hand flexed in front of u

-365 days a yr, 24 a day, 7 days a wk,-

and rt hand with left out in front

1:tilt hands to left , bend rt knee and tilt hands rt, bend left knee

2:tilt hands to left, bend rt knee and: turn over rt hand do palm is up

3:turn over left hand and cross hands over chest

4:pull hands apart to shoulders

5:rt hand on left hip

6:left hand on rt hip

7:circle hands back

8:pull hands up, left knee up


-find a honey thats standin on the wall, all the girls get the guys-

1:hands down to sides, left ft down over rt

2:turn R to face back

3:throw both hands rt and throw hands left

4:hands clasped above head

5&6:step left ft rt and turn rt to face front-end with hands on left side of head together

7:hands to rt side of head and hands to rt hip

8:hands to left hip

-on the floor, from the front to the back lets go, hear this-

1: rt hand under left hand and down, -left hand on rt elbow, point rt hand down/L, left ft in front of rt, face towards the left

2:kick rt ft, hands back

3:rt ft back, hands fwd and pull hands up, rt knee up

4:down to floor- ft together, hands on side of ft

5:kick out ft from under u to left ( u can kick your ft back if u can t kick them to the side) hold yourself up with rt hand

6:bring ft back in

7:hit floor with both hands

8:jump up, ft apart, rt hand up


somebody hit the lights, so we can work it day-


2:body roll down, hands up and down with roll

3:bend knees, hands down on knees

4:have left hand and rt hand together in a fist -have fist oevr to left side so left elbow is down and rt elbow is out to the rt, move rt elbow out to rt and elbow in

5:elbow out to rt again

6:bend knees, cross arms in front of u

7:walk left on left ft, swing rt hand up (first in front of u then up)

8:walk left with rt, swing rt hand down

-and night, ppl gettin down thats right, from am to pm-

1,2:repete '7,8'

3:hips back, hands in front and hips front, hands back

4:bend knees, go down , hands on knees

5:up, head down, rt hand rt

6:hand down, look front

7:rt hand up and to the left, rt ft pointed out to rtand bring in

8:rt hand down and rt, left ft pointed out to left and bring left hand to rt hand

-everybody lookin like stars, all the chics and the fellas-

1:swing hands up pver and oevr to left side

2:hands ar left hip

3:jump left , hadns rt

4:left knee up, hands to left by knee-rt on top of left and move rt hand to rt side- palm up

5:slap left hand with rt on left side

6:left ft down, hands to left hip, twist upper body to left

7:throw left hand up

8:throw left hand down to rt side

in the bars, all of yall bumpin this in your cars, from am to pm-

1:rt hand up

2:rt hands down to left side

3:jump ft apart, hands out and jump ft in, hands crossed at chest

4:jump ft apart, hands flexed out by side, palm down

5:reach rt hand left

6:pull rt ft to left, rt hand in

7:rt had around neck (L-R)

8:rt hand down to side


slow part


1:step on rt ft turn rt

2:step on left ft , face left

3:step on rt, face rt

4:step on left, face left

(do all in one motion-2--2step turns)

-from the front to the back come on and bob your head, yea-

1:hands fwd, hips back

2:hands in, hips front

3&4:"come here" hands

5:hands behind back , seeing head left

6:-swing head rt

7&8:circle head left to rt

365 days a yr, 24 a day yea-

hand out in front of u

1:tilt hands to left, bend rt knee and tilt hands to the rt, bend left knee

2:tilt hands to rt, bend left knee and turn rt hand over so palm is up

3:turn left hand over and cross hands over chest

4:pull hands back to shoulders

5:rt hands on left hip

6:left hand on rt hip

7:circle hadns back

8:pull hands back -no we dont need no sleep, all night we rock that beat- 1:throw hands out in front of u 2:bring hands in 3&4:shake hands --in ,out, in 5:step rt ft rt 6:step left ft left (ft apart) 7:swing rt hand above head, cowboy 8:-bend knees

-so u know what to do, just make it move and make it move-

and left knee up, rt hand left

1:throw rt hand rt, left ft down and left knee up, clap hands above knee

2:clap hands under knee and punch rt hand down/left

3:left ft down, rt hand to rt side and punch left hand fwd, tilt head rt

4:punch rt hand fwd, tilt head left and rt hand up

5:left hand up and hands in

6:hands out

7:hands down

8:step ft together, body roll down




2counts of thatt music then on the last count

7:reach rt hand up and rt

8:swing rt hand down to left , rt ft behind left , head down