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Welcome to the Customatix-Kix website!

Our company was established to provide the fashion-
savvy individuals with the most personalized, high
 quality, customized footwear. We understand your
 desire to stand out in the monotonous crowd in terms
 of fashion, and we also understand the importance 
of your footwear. We cater for the urban fashion
 needs, and our R&D team located in New York and New
 Jersey are up to date with all the latest urban
 fashion trends to ensure that our creations for you
 will be the top of the line. If you would like to
 contact us for a quote on a pair of sneakers you 
would like customized, or to place an order, please
 click on the "Contact Info" button on the left
Hpnotiq/SoFaBoLoUs Creations 2003