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JuSt PlAiN lIfE
Monday, January 10, 2005
ThAt FeElInG yOu GeT.....
Mood:  lucky
Topic: LoVe
YoU kNoW tHaT fEeLiNg In YoUr StOmAcH wHeN yOuR aRoUnD sOmEoNe ThAt YoU cArE aBoUt. YoU sTaRt To FeEl LiTtLe BuTtErFlIeS pAsSiNg tHiEr wInGs ThOuGh ThE sUrFaCe oF yOuR sToMaCh AnD yOu CaNt HeLp BuT sMilE oR mAyBe eVeN lAuGh FrOm ThE mInOr TiCkLe aNd cUrL iN wHeN YoU gEt GoOsBuMpS aLl OvEr.
ThAtS ThE FeElInG I GeT WhEn iM wItH My bOyFrIeNd jUaNkIe. WE Have been together for about a mOnTh AnD 2 weEkS. nOt tHaT LoNg BuT At tHe WaY tHiNgS aRe goInG iM LoViN EvEr mInUtE To eVeRy sEcOnD Of It.
i loOk fOrWaRd tO sEeInG hIm eVeRdAy At sChOoL aNd oN ThE WeEkEnDs. I LoVe iT WhEn hE UnDeRsTaNdS ThAt sOmEtImEs Im nOt aBlE To gO oUt SoMeThImEs Or sTaY OuT As lONg aS He cAn. I LoVe HoW MucH hE ReSpEcTs Me iN EvErYwAy. i lOve hOW I CaN TaLk tO HiM AbOuT AnYtHiNg AnD HeS ThEiR To sUpPoRt mE AnD GiVe mE A ShOuLdEr tO lEaN ON eVeN tHoUgH He HaS tO bEnD DoWn a lItTlE.
THE LiSt CaN Go oN AnD On bUt rIgHt nOw mY tImE iS RuNNiNg oUt aNd oUt. BuT I KnOw fOr a fAcT ThAt tHeIrS SoMe5ThInG ThEiR ThAT I SeE iN hIm EvErYdAy. mOsT PrObAbLy MoSt lIkElY FoR SuRe iTs lOvE ThAtS RiGhT OvEr Us WrApPiNg Us ToGeThEr TiGhT So thAt wE wOnT LeT Go FoR NoThInG FoR No onE.

lOvE yA bAbY!!!

Posted by hiphop3/breakitout at 11:37 PM
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Sunday, November 14, 2004
YoU kNoW ..... yOu StOp AnD wOnDeR
Mood:  chillin'
A friend mentioned something to me that made me think. He said that a girl always remembers the bad thing that her boyfriend/ex did. But what they dont like to reflex on are the good things that they did.
Ok, for instance, he became a jerk and you broke-up with him. Fine. I would have to. But listen to this part... That same day or the next day all your friends are like "OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPEN...WHAT HE DO!?" and odviously most girls would be like "He's a jerk he did Blah Blah Blah (whatever he did) and Blah Blah Blah (and some more)."
From that day on you repeat the story a million and two times till the world and their mother's know. Then everyone refers to the guy as a jerk and he's the one that ends up looking bad for something any human being would have probably done. Fine. Depending what he did. But here's the thing...
Notice how you didnt mention any good things that he did. Didn't mention how he held you in his arms in public showing that he's honored to have you as his girlfriend. Those late night calls just to tell you good night. When he gives you a kiss when your feeling down. Maybe even a present that he gave you of something that you always wanted. When he goes to your house, meets your parents.
Those and so many more little things you never really appreciate. Think about it. But i bet your saing...."But he is a JERK!!!" Ok Ok Ok. He's a jerk for something that he did. Get over it and go on. But dont go on saing he's a jerk cause it was only that one time. If he was a jerk from the start why did you go out with him in the first place. Cause that would only make you the guilty one. Not him. You are the one that should have known better.
It's funny how you think you know everything after like one or two heart breaks, but in reallity you never really know it all. In every relationship your always going to go through something you never went throught and your just going to learn from that for next time. Its all a text book with countless pages of problems and solutions to learn and remember incase you encounter that same problem again.
Just remember that this is just my opinion. Think for yourself but think smart. Here's a quote that my science teacher said this year and i thought it made a lot of sence...

"If you have a problem solve it. But if there is no solution, there is no problem problem."

Posted by hiphop3/breakitout at 8:17 PM
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