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Shouts to ppl:)

Adam-Awwe my Muffin Bear! hehe! love you tuns sweeti!:) Sorri about everything before:(... so glad you could get over it:) thanx for everything, you're so amazing! I love you with all i got, i've never felt this way about anyone before sweeti, you're my absalute everything. I *LOVE* you sweeti, never, ever, ever forget it!

Emily-Ohhhh the memories! So many in such a short time! Egg on your pants:P hehe! sorri about that one:P Lets keep this PG please!!! haha:P shouting out Penis and Vagina in Geography! LMFAO! Emily and Bryanna Fund.. donations please! Lmao! You 'n' Mike, soo freakkin adorable=D! Babe, thank you so much for all your help and support! You're such an amazing persun! BfFeAeAeAeAeAeAeAeAeAeAeAeAeAe!:):)

Shaena-Woooow babe! so many mems! Love ya tah death! We goin big pimpin and its not with you! lmfao! Been through some ruff times, but we always make it through!:).. You ma shorty and ghetto buddy lol Love ya tunz! Bffeaeaeae!

Christine-My favouritist next door neighbour! lol! So glad i met cha! So many awsum mems! Taboganning was awsum! At the movies when i hadda pee so bad! lmao! We're gunnu drill a hole so that we can talk bac and forth rite? lol! Ahh you're so awsum! BfFe!=D

ßecca-So many amazing mems.. we were the best of friends... what happened=( the hill, something we will never forget;) Lmfao! Crying every sleepover, skipping to come see you at Stamford, all our mems I will forever cherish.. You'll always be my best friend Bec.. never forget it! Miss you..xo.. Best friends forever..

Kelsey-Never ever thought we'd get sooo close! So much fun with you! Skipping is the best.. skipping to Stmaford and getting caught with Kaila! Lmfao! So much fun!=).. So many awsum times! bffe!

Kaila-French class was awsum! Nicole, Marie, shut up! Yeah so anyways, lmfao! Skipping and going to Stamford! Lets run down the stairs! Shit there's a cop there! Lmfao! Gym and English are awsum with you! OH MY CUNT! Lmfao! Ahh awsum times Kaila lol, bffe!

Amber-Omfg soooo many mems! Making fun of "certain people" in class last year! lmao! our words!...SHP!! lmfao! I'm your little Ray of Sunshine! hehe! I LOVE YOU MOMMY! lmfao! ahhhh so many mems! bbfe!

Wesly- Oomg sweeti! I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me! You've helped me through the tuffest of times! Love you tah DEATH! always and forever babe! bbfe!

Krista-My Meat Muncher! Lmao! You're so adorable! My fellow wigger! haha! So many awsum mems! Gym glass is super! lol! Ffe!=D

Becka-Shishkabob!! You're soo cute! Love you lots! Just met cha this year.. but feel like I've known ya forever! We gotta get together sometime!

Shawnathon-Awwe you're soo adorable! Science class was awsum! That gross stuff commin outta your ear where you stretched it:P haha.. Thanx for all the pictures.. they make me laugh lol. You still owe me another one!! Lol xoxo.

Tasha-You're so adorable babe! So pretty:).. gym class is awsum wit cha!=) .. we should like so get together sometime lol! Love ya lots xo.

Jill,Katie&Spo- You guys are hillarious! You make me laugh so hard. Geo is fun with you guys:).. Glad i met cha all!

Trevor, Dez, Mike, Mike, Corey, Corey, Sam, Robbert, Kory, Blaine, Daniella, Kabassa, Jamie, Dustin, Joe, Alex, Dan, Anth, Kelly, Maddy, Nikki, Jacquie, Andrew, Christian, Faith, Eric, Linds, Karina, Phil, Jessica, Larissa, Alicia, everyone else:) i love you guys! You make me who i am today!