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Mah DaiLY prObLEmz
Friday, 23 July 2004
one luv
Hey guYz!! damn! yOoh knoe whuts a fucken tryP!! damn! when yooH starT LOVING one guy because you think that he's the one! and you have told him things that you dont even see you telling your friends! and shared a moment or two! and you thought that he's da one dat will be dere for you and not like the other guyz! DAMN!! i'm soo fucken stupid!! when things started to go my way suddenly something DREADFUL popz into his mouth and tellz meeh "i've got someone and YOURE THE FIRST ONE TO KNOE" with those words mah whole world had crashed down! because he waz ur world! and he doesnt even have the slightest idea that YOU LOVE him like this much!! and whuts stupid is!: yOOH gave HIm hella hints that you feeel this way and he hasnt even caught it!! dats whut soo stupID!! i hella miss this guy! and now its like NOTHING!! i havent' received nething!! not a call an email or even a HELLO! I mean afta he recently got attacheD his forgets about meeh!! i mean like whUT da FUCK! sometimes at night i JUMP because i think that he's da one calling meeh but no! its a different person!! and i have cried soo many night! i've cried mahself to sleep sometimes! and at some nights i cant sleep because all i can think of is him and nothing else!! i knoe ITs sounds like im cKRazy! but YoOH knoe whut! i am crazy! KRAZEEE ovaH hiM! but that doesnt mean anYthing nemore!! cuz he's already found someone else to luv! so I guess all i can do is keep it inside of MEEH!! aLL da way inside where NO mO hearT aChe caN cOme! i just wish that EVEN da shortest time he would come and see that i love him sooo much! and He just can't see meeh! cauze maybee afta all he doesnt see meeh! weLL newayz imma cut this shyt here! b4 i cry . . . . . . . one LUV ♥ jenna

Posted by hiphop3/bayb33gurl at 1:42 PM
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