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One of my interests is basketball. Basketball is a big part of my life because it dose not matter if your five feet tall or if your eight feet tall all that matters is that you are good player. For example I have a friend that is six feet two inches tall and he can not dunk the ball, but on the other hand I am five feet five inches and I need nine more inches to dunk the ball. The basketball court is ten feet high. I like basketball a lot because a lot of people told me I was to short to play, so when people start making fun of me because I am to short to play basketball then I challenge them to a game and when I beat them I get the respect that I need and when the people I beat try to make fun of me then I just make fun of them buy telling them that they are a waste of height and they be quite. I never gave up on basketball because one of my idles is Spud Webb he was five feet seven inches and he won a slam dunk contest twice in the NBA, and if he can make it then I would be able to make it as well.