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Pics and Such

All My Pics :D

Brandie in Her Pink Top :P
Brandie, Me and Doug
Amandas Grad Pic
Me In My Blue Top
Me Eating (again) lol
Me and Kelsey (I Love Him!!)

Hey All, Im sure if your looking at this page you are friends with me cause you would have to be on my profile to get here lol. So really I dont have to say anything about my self. Im going to put some fun quotes though ;)

~Jump up and down again - Hehe I Love You Kelsey *wink*

~To Start Press Any Key....Wheres The Any Key?! - lol Amanda

~Why Dont Sheep Shrink When It Rains?! - Cant remember where I got that one.

~Look At Him Go - Haha Brandie

~Your So Lame Homeless People Laugh At You - Lol Catlin

~"Well I guess thats over" - Mom said that after one of the "talks" you should never have with a parent!

~Your so lame you pet rock bit you - hehe

With the spetial "D" - WE LOVE HIM EH BRANDIE!

No longer do you need to say I wish I may I wish I might....For I will buy you the star of the purest type....When I am with you my soul will sour.... And I know I will be with you forever more.... When my day is dark and blue.... It all goes away when Im with you..... But there's one more thing that I must do..... And that's look you in the eye and say.....I Love You! I LOVE YOU TOO KELSEY!

Haiku Tall strong beautiful Horses running fast all day Love is always strong

Tanka Running strong and fast Smoot and flowing dark black mane Running tall and proude In the meddows of tall grass She will be loved for ever

Limerick There was once a pup His name was sup Sup was teased But always pleased All he said was yup

Cinquain Stallion Wild wind Tall, proude, strong Caring, running, squeeling, sleeping Mare

Diamante Fast Hasty, Swift Speeding, Driving, Breathing Blowing, Running, Steady, Moving Sleeping, Stalled, Creeping Old, Rusty Slow

Quatrains When I see him I know The love is strong It will be true for ever Its like a stedy song

Two-Tone Most of me is baby blue Happy, Lively Loving, Calm Caring for Kelsey loving him always But my blue changes fast Cracks like a whip I go right to jet black Cold, Miserable Sad, Quiet I still love him with all I have But I cant show him The black takes over It covers my blue I dont like my jet black When it comes it stays not long Still I will try to cut that one color out I will be as baby blue as I can be

Memory Poems I had never felt pain like that I walked down that hill For the very last time Warm tears turning cold As they rolled down my face Chest tight Breath short Shivering, not from the cold But from sadness, anger, fear I knew that was the last time I would ever see her again I still feel pain and I dont think it will ever go