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Suge Shot Pac?

I would like to say the reason Death Row started calling it's self "New & Untouchable" is because after Snoop Doggy Dogg won that trial and convinced the jury that he did not shoot and kill that man with his body guard they were considered "Untouchable" because they won that trial and no one could stop them cause they were like unstoppable but they liked "Untouchable" better. That is why they called it "New & Untouchable" Death Row record's. Not because 2pac died or anything that has nothing to do with it.

Suge bailed 2pac out of jail in 1995 and 2pac signed a contract to Death Row agreeing that he would make a 3 cd deal contract with Death Row. "All Eyez On Me" counted as two then "The Don Killumanati 7 Day Theory" counted as three. So you probably already heard that 2pac was going to leave Death Row and start his own label "Makaveli" record's and have Tha Outlawz and Thuglife join him but maybe Suge killed him so he couldn't. Then maybe he tried to get The Outlawz and Thuglife to join him that no one else know's but they refused cause they knew what Suge had done to 2pac

No accounting from Death Row Records as to where the profits of "All Eyez On Me" were going. They would send him a car or buy him a house to make him happy, but nothing was ever in his name. He had nothing and Death Row Records owned him. Just prior to his death, 2Pac decided that he had enough and sent Death Row records attorney , David Kenner, a letter formally stating his intentions to leave Death-Row as soon as his Makaveli album came out.

I don't know if this one is true but I heard from other website's and from people that 2pac wasn't going to leave Death Row he was going to start a record label called Death Row East for all of the rapper's in Brooklyn,New Jersey, and all the other city's out there.

2pac would leave Death-Row and start Makaveli Records. Makaveli Records would be more competition for Suge and Death-Row. If 2Pac dies, there wouldn't be Makaveli records. The people up on the westside would think that Badboy,the Cripts,Mobb Deep,Nas,or Orlando Anderson, killed 2Pac, so they would go after Biggie Smalls, and kill him. Which someone infact did go after himn and catch him and get him. Then if Biggie is dead, Badboy doesn't have Mr.Powerful the person who made all their money. Then with Makaveli records & Badboy entertainment out of the picture, Death Row records would be the top rap record label with all of 2pac's cd's such as "All Eyez On Me" & "Don Killumanati The 7 Day Theory."

2pac had two hundred or even more unreleased song's out there that he was going to release on his record label Makaveli record's all of those unreleased song's were recorded with people such as Tha Outlawz,Thuglife,Snoop Doggy Dogg,Ice-T,Biggie,Kci & JoJo, The Dogg Pound,Richie Rich,Busta Rhyme's,member's of Bone Thug's,and Too $hort. He could of made million's off all of that shit. But now that he is so called "dead" all of that music is everywhere with bootleggers,normal everyday people,record labels,everywhere, that is where a lot of the importing is being done off with his unreleased stuff.

Tupac wanted to leave Death Row, which he couldn't. The belongings of Tupac would become his mother's Afeni Shakur, and Death Row probably would have checked that out before killing Tupac Shakur the main person bringing all the income and money in with his music.

After the shooting in Las Vegas with Tupac & Suge Knight. One of the Outlawz to come forward and say that he was a witness of the shooting. Which was Kadafi was shot and murdered in the hallway of his apartment building in New Jersey.

If 2pac was to fake his death he would have to bribe a lot of people including the police,doctor's,nurse's,technical and medical support, basically the whole hospital,and a while's of other people. But if he was to release all of those 200 unreleased song's of his he would of had enough money to get it all back and more.

If the Cript's did infact shoot Tupac why didn't they shoot Suge too. Because if Tupac had beef with anyonre so did Suge. So why didn't they shoot Suge too. Maybe Suge payed them off.

If Suge wasn’t to make the u turn he did, there would be 2 other hospitals that he could have taken 2Pac to, both a lot closer than the one he chose to go to. Across the street he defenitly saw it, but he didn't bring 2Pac there because he wanted 2Pac to bleed or he was just nervous or couldn't think or maybe even had a blank mind. 2pac lost 22 ounces of blood on the way. Also he might of not wanted to take 2pac to either of those hospital's because they didn't have good enough doctor's like Cedar Seniah did.

That shit about the camera hearing Suge Knight say take off your vest was all some made up shit from some dumbass because camera's cannot pick up sound. And also even if it could wouldn't you think it would be like hella loud with all of the people there talking because the MGM Grand is a very busy casino with many many people in it talking and smoking so wouldn't you think it would be loud and hard to hear it anyway's.

In the first 2 seconds of the Makaveli album, someone says "Suge shot me" or "Suge shot him" this is for real just get really close to your speaker and right before the dude talk's and the background appear's some dude in the background say's "Suge Shot Me" this could be 2pac that said that but it doesn't sound like him or it could be Kadafi no one has even tried to say it was him beside's me because it doesn't sound like 2pac and 2pac wanted his plan to work out and maybe since Kadafi said he witnessed the shooting and stuff that Suge shot and killed him and that is why it is Kadafi saying that other than 2pac.

On an interview with Abc some reporter,interviewer,asked Suge Knight if he would or could tell them the description of the shooter Suge said "Absolutly not" also I know that at one time I can not remember the exact time or place but Suge Knight said the reason he told them absolutly not is because he isn't a homocide detective or anything he doesn't want to get caught up in anything.

Why wouldn't a company as rich and powerful as Death-Row Records not put up a reward to find the killers?

If you know about "Makaveli Records", you know about The Outlaw Immortalz. They are the rappers who would be working with 2pac on "Makaveli Records". Anywayz, one of the members who went by the name "kadafi" was reportedly going to cooperate with the police. Well, soon after the death of 2pac he turns up dead.

Death Row Records could have also done a lot of this stuff you're about that's proving 2pac is Alive. They could be doing this stuff for publicity. EX : They could have made up that whole 7 Day Theory stuff.

Would 2pac spend thousands & thousands of dollars in faking his death to get all the eyez off him?

Would Suge Knight actually kill 2pac for money? It is a possibility.