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2pac's Rivals.

LL Cool J...
Tupac never actually dissed LL until he releases his track called "i shot ya" 
after biggie's 2pac-dissin track called "who shot ya?" Tupac dissed LL in one 
of his songs from the unreleased album "Ready 4 War".LL later linked up with BadBoy 
after Puffy produced his latest album "Phenomenon".

This beef started when Nas dissed pac in and interview. Tupac then wrote song 
in which he dissed nas saying that he copied his style. Nas has also linked 
up with BadBoy.

BadBoy Records...
This was Tupac's biggest rivalry involving Biggie and puffy who he thought set had
set him up for the shooting at times square studios. BadBoy grew in size even 
though tupac did not join them.

Mobb deep...
Tupac never really linked Mobb deep and was offended when he released
2 versions of the Dogg Pound's NY,NY which he changed to LA,LA. Tupac then 
started dissin Mobb and this started from his hit single "Hit em up".

Jay-z was with BadBoy at that time and released a track "Brooklyn Finest" in 
which he dissed Tupac.Tupac then answeresd by his release of the hit track 
from the album Makaveli "Bomb First" in which he dissed Jay-z  for sticking up for 
Mobb Deep.

Even though 2pac and Dre worked together on the hit single "Cali Love" they
stillseemed to have some differences between them. This beef really started when
Dre refused to support 2pac's homeboy Snoop on his murder trial. Everyone in 
Deathrow turned againstDre and 2pac even accused him of homosexuality. He has 
described this in some of his songs.