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Details of 2pac's Death

On Friday, September 13, 1996 the successful rapper and actor Tupac Shakur died at a Las
Vegas hospital. Tupac died of gunshot wounds. He was shot on the night of Saturday,
September 7 after watching a boxing main event match between Mike Tyson and Bruce
Seldon. After the fight, he went 4 miles north to his friend and Death Row Records producer
Marion "Suge" Knight's house. When he arrived, the two headed to a nightclub in a black

The nightclub they were going to was to be the place where they were to celebrate the
Tyson fight win with fellow rapper Run DMC. But they never made it to the nightclub, when
a white 1996 Cadillac pulled up to their car and fired 14 bullets into their BMW. Tupac was
hit 4 times - twice in the chest, once in the shoulder, and once in the right thigh. Suge
Knight was 'grazed' once on the head. Suge still had some power left in him, so he swerved
the car around, made a perfect U turn, and fled. One minute later they were pulled over by
cops. The cops opened the door and saw what had happened. They immediately radioed for
an ambulance. When they arrived at the hospital, Tupac was in critical condition and Suge
was released from the hospital the next day. Later Tupac had to go into surgery and have a
lung transplant. He remained in critical condition for a few days until Friday when he died.
Police are still looking for suspects of the shooting. A lot of people think it may have been
Christopher Wallace (The Notorious BIG) who fired at the BMW, because of his past feuds
with Tupac. Tupac and Biggie always argued about which coast is better, East or West, and
Tupac also claims to have slept with Biggie's wife. So there's no love lost between them.
Some also think it may have been Sean Puffy Combs, since Puffy and Suge Knight have their
differences. Puffy's East coast rap label Bad Boy Entertainment always got into fights with
Knight's West coast label Death Row Records. Others think it was just a gang related
drive-by shooting.