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Chuck D's 18 Reason's Why 2pac Is Alive

***Note these are Chuck D's reason's not mine so if they don't make any sense don't ask me they are his reason's I just wrote them down thinking you might wanna know.***

Public Enemy's Chuck D recently rolled through the Bay Area promoting his new album.. The Autobiography of Mista Chuck.. While doing his many interviews he dropped his theory and insight on the 2Pac situation.. Chuck didn't seem too convinced that 2Pac was gone... When asked why.. Chuck stated he had 18 good reasons... He shared them with us here on the Hip Hop Corner.. so let us know what you think..

1.2pac died on Friday the 13th.

2.Las Vegas is a payoff City..meaning all sorts of folks have been known to be on the take..that means doctors, press, lawyers etc...

3.The white cadillac containing the assailants..was never found... How could this be when Vegas is in the middle of a desert?

4.There's a small Black community on the North side of town.. This strip is only about 8 blocks long.. The attackers were Black.. Where did they go? Where did they hide?

5.The white cadillac containing the gunmen passes a entourage of 2Pac's boys..many of them body guards... No one gives chase..and there are no witness...There were no witnesses on the street... How come? Why not?

6.The name of 2Pac's next album is Machiavelli.. He was an Italian war strategist who faked his death to fool his enemies... Perhaps 2Pac is doing the same thing..

7.The cover of his next album..has 2Pac looking like Jesus Christ... Could he be planning a resurrection?

8.Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert.. How come there was no helicopter chase... If some one was to rob a casino.. The LVPD would've chased you down with some helicopters.. . How come this didn't happen with 2Pac shooting?

9.2Pac was cremeated the day after he died... Since when does some one get creamated the day after a murder... There was no autospy.

10.There were no ballistic tests... At least we haven't heard about them....

11.Las Vegas is still very much a mob town.. No one gets killed on the strip... You have to pretty much get permission in order for something like this to happen.. Who was calling the shots on this one?

12.2Pac's vehicle got shot 12 times and Suge didn't get hit once.. He was 'grazed' by a bullet.. Why did 2Pac get shot all those times and Suge not get hit?

13.Suge said he drove 2Pac to the hospital and they had a coherent conversation? How bad was 2Pac hit? In addition to all this .. there are conflicting stories claiming that Quincy Jone's daughter was in the back of the car.. and then she wasn't.. what's the deal for real?

14.2Pac has completed 2 movies and 3 lps that have yet to be realsed.. With so many people upset about 2Pac's death..literally anything connected with him is bound to net a whole lot of cash...

15.Suge Knight and 2Pac are the only two music industry people on that high a profile with enough balls to pull off a stunt like faking death...

16.2Pac's video 'I Ain't Mad At Ya' foretold his death ....

17.2Pac always wore a bullet proof vest but for some strange reason he didn't wear one this time.. why not?

18.The memorial services that were open to the public were cancelled in both Los Angeles and Atlanta...